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Every Time A Coconut

I don't know who it was that said "kindness is its own reward", but they were just being a tight-arse. Actually, it sounds like the sort of thing my father would say, along with some other rubbish about how "every day is Kids' Day" when we'd ask about Mother's or Father's Day.

But Things My Father Might Say is a whole 'nother blog for another day. A blog that will probably also include some reference to my brand new jeans already looking worn out.

Today, it's time to restoke the still smoldering embers of the "Tell me your Best Customer Service Experience". Yawn, you say, we did this the other week. Well yes you did, but this time there are GREAT PRIZES.

If you've already told your story over here, then you don't need to re-tell it, but of course you can add more detail, or tell another story. I'll be sole judge and prize distributor, but feel free to give me your opinions as to who should win, or back up others.

The winners will get one or more of the prizes on offer, and where the person/people who gave the great service is identifiable, they might get something too. It's all going to be arbitrarily decided by me depending on what you guys come up with - suffice to say all prizes will be distributed, we're not like those magazines that pretend to give away cool shite like phones and ipods and sunglasses and then you see the staff around town with them (you know who you are...).

So the prizes are as follows (and I might add to this as well, but anyone would be happy with what's here already, surely):

1. A return trip for TWO anywhere within NZ, courtesy of Air New Zealand.

Yes, a nice man from Air New Zealand got in touch after my last blog, we had a chat, he apologised for the bad service, and I suggested giving a couple of tickets to you guys might help their cause. See, always thinking of you :) Whether or not you choose to check your luggage is entirely your decision of course, but I know Air New Zealand are hoping for some good customer service stories of their own too, so I reckon you’ll be okay.

(There will probably be all sorts of terms and conditions of an airliney-type nature, but suffice to say if you live somewhere in NZ near an airport, and you want to go somewhere else near an airport, that'll probably work.)

2. A 900Mhz USB modem, courtesy of Vodafone.

It's the skinny white boy of modems, stick it in the side of your laptop and bang, you're connected to the information superhighway, at 3G speeds. Apparently anyway, I don't really understand technology, but it's worth hundreds of dollars and it's yours for free, so that's gotta be good.

(I dare say this also requires a Vodafone account, and will cost you money to use and so forth, kids ask your parents first etc, but I'm just the gift horse here, stop looking me in the mouth.)

3. A copy of Jamie Oliver's latest book, Jamie's Ministry of Food, courtesy of the lovely people at Penguin Books.

Yes, he can come across as a bit of a prat, but take it from someone who has a cupboard full of his recipe books, when it comes to tasty, simple food that looks good on a plate and will impress people, it's hard to go past Jamie Oliver.

This latest book goes back to the basics, and is great for someone just starting out, while those who know their way around a kitchen will still find plenty to try out.

4. Monteith's New Zealand Lager, and a selection of socks from Jockey & Holeproof, (thanks Pead PR).

Mmmm.... beer. Mmmm... Clean comfy socks. One makes your morning just that much better, another rounds off a hard day just perfectly. Which is which, is up you. Or mix and match - who knew that sports socks also make great beer holders?

I have a dozen of Monteith's yummy New Zealand lager and a dozen pairs of assorted socks to give away - the beers will stay together, the socks may be split between winners.

(There's probably some bullshit liquor advertising competition rule about this sort of stuff, but this is the Interweb and your rules don't apply here, so bugger off Nanny State. However you will need to be 18, because that's just sensible.)

(Socks are just socks. No terms and conditions. Just put them on your feets and enjoy.)

Okay, you know what to do, unleash your stories by clicking the discuss button below. You have a week, or until such time as I blog next, whichever is furtherest away. So get cracking.

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