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So far I’ve kept my face off Facebook. And I never did join Friendster, so no need to unfriendster myself. But my sister and I were iChatting the other day about our reluctance to join the twitter chorus - despite the fact that both our brothers are unrepentant tweeters (and probably woofers, for all we know) and everyone around us has phones that go bingly bingly bop all day long with the happy chirping of new tweets.

Heck, even Damian is doing it now. (What's that revving sound, and why are there sharks in the para pool?)

gems: do you twitter?
jojo: nah, I just read other people’s and then I titter
gems: haha
jojo: plus, 140 characters?
jojo: that’s me just warming up
gems: true
jojo: I need witter
jojo: for people who witter on
jojo: in 1400 words or less
gems: or more
jojo: or twatter - WHO are you doing right now?
jojo: doh, it’s been done
gems: what about tutter
gems: where you can tell people off
jojo: ooh yes! censorious status reports
jojo: about other people’s status
jojo: “what are you doing wrong now?”
jojo: “tut: civil servant being uncivil on bus”
jojo: “tut: boy on Cuba St showing buttcrack needs to pull his trousers up”
gems: “tut: John Key.”
jojo: we’ll need graphic representations
jojo: of disapproving tongue click
jojo: and/or eyeroll
gems: it’s a winner
gems: blog it!

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