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OFF TOPIC: This Is What Your Brain Looks Like On Evidence...

I know this is waaay off-topic for a culture blog, but long-time Public Address readers know that I'm a big fan of same-sex marriage and epically ambiguous about the separate but equal-ish (more or less) status quo for same-sex couples created by the Civil Union Act 2004.

So, it should come as no surprise that the passage of a same-sex marriage bill through the New York State Senate by a 33-29 vote (and with the support of four members of the GOP majority) makes me a very happy camper indeed.

But the speech made by one of those Republicans, Mark J. Grisanti -- a married, devout Catholic from a very conservative district up-state who campaigned against same-sex marriage -- made me tear up.

I shouldn't be so moved by hearing a politician saying that 1) evidence changed his mind, 2) he was just wrong and 3) would accept the consequences of doing the right thing.  (And the usual suspects on the far-right have already declared war on the GOP legislators who voted for the bill.) But there you go, and here we are.

I'll leave you to compare and contrast with with this tag-team fudge 'n' waffle (ugh) Broadsides column from Nikki Kaye and Jacinda Adern in the Herald last week.  It's not really good enough to say you'd vote for some hypothetical bill you know will never happen; but when a right-wing Republican is schooling the MP for Auckland Central (and her Labour challenger) in what political courage, and respect for gay and lesbian families, looks like?  Ponsonby, we have a problem.

Until then, here's The Fifth Dimension's cover of Laura Nyro's Wedding Bell Blues on Top of the Pops.  And, no, before you ask - you're probably not on drugs.

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