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  • OnPoint: MSD's Leaky Servers, in reply to dc_red,

    In reply to dc_red:

    Altiris is headquartered in Utah, hence the reference to Mountain Standard Time. Altiris was acquired by Symantec. Maybe what Keith saw was from a training session linked to a non-production database. (One can only hope!!)

    The Wilipedia entry for Altiris includes this information:

    "In December 2011 the original team which developed the Symantec Management Platform (previously known as the Altiris Notification Server), based in Sydney, Australia was sacked in a cost cutting exercise. All future development on the Symantec Management Platform development was moved to low cost centres in Pune, India and Tallin, Estonia. The 7.2 release of SMP will be delivered by these new teams."

    I'm sorry, Estonia? Isn't that almost the beating heart of cybercrime?

    BTW, the Symantec corporate blog is called "Information Unleashed"--how apt is that!

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  • Field Theory: All. Black., in reply to Paul Campbell,

    And with Adidas standing for "all day I dream about sex" we have a complete paragraph.

    What annoys me is the fact that AIG probably wouldn't even exist today if it hadn't been for US taxpayers saving their sorry arses. And now that the US government has sold the ownership stake it took when it bailed the company out, AIG seemingly is not going to be any better regulated than it was before:

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  • Speaker: Who are the news media?,

    Back in 2005, I signed up to be a citizen journalist on a San Francisco Bay Area community news website called Bayosphere, which was started by a former San Jose Mercury News journalist. After a very short life, Bayosphere was locked off from the World Wide Web, surviving only as Dan Gillmor's personal blog, but I still have the pledge we were asked to make:

    Here is the text of the pledge:
    Citizen Journalist Pledge
    By submitting this form, I agree to be accurate, complete, fair and transparent in my postings on Bayosphere. My work will be my own, created by me and/or in collaboration with others. I will operate with integrity.
    I work in the community interest.
    As a citizen journalist, I report and produce news explaining the facts as fairly, thoroughly, accurately and openly as I can.
    0 Fair: I'm always listening to and taking account of other viewpoints;
    0 Thorough: I learn as much as l can in the time l have, and point to original sources when possible;
    0 Accurate: I get it right, checking my facts, correcting errors promptly and incorporating new information I learn from the community;
    0 Open: I explain my biases and conflicts, where appropriate.
    I may also provide reviews (such as a critique of a movie or book) and commentary with a point of view based on facts, but I will have no significant financial or otherwise direct connection (membership, affiliation, close relationship, etc.) with an interested party.
    If I do have such connections, I'll disclose them prominently, and my work may be labeled and/or categorized appropriately.
    I agree, as an active member of this community, to help uphold the integrity of this pledge by challenging and reporting inappropriate postings or abuse.

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  • Hard News: Te Rerenga Wairua,

    Too bad I can't watch it because of copyright restrictions. Sigh! Is that just temporary?

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  • Hard News: A nation bullied,

    Besides being angry about what everyone else is justifiably angry about, I'm annoyed that I wasn't smart and knowledgeable enough to register the sunonsunday domain name before any else did--I'd be set for life selling it to the Murdoch empire.

    Thanks for posting the video... the only BBC Newsnight I've seen here in the States is the one where Rosie Boycott ("journalist, and former editor of The Independent and The Daily Express") suggests that the cynical could look at Murdoch's reaction as a brilliant business move.

    Now he can rehire the journalists he wants at lower pay and set them to work on NOTW's replacement paper.

    I suppose it's too much to hope that this will also sink the Fox Network in the US? After reading the Rolling Stone article about Roger Ailes, I'm wondering if I shouldn't get a job as a delivery person in NY and drive the paranoid idiot crazy by turning up outside his CCTV-ed office every day with a package full of nothing.

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  • Muse: OFF TOPIC: This Is What Your Brain…,

    Just found this article on Salon about how the US is an "outlier" with respect to the age qualifications the Constitution sets in order to run for federal office--25 to qualify for membership in the House of Representatives, 30 to run for the Senate, and 35 to become President.

    Perhaps I'm being too hopeful about the age thing!

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  • Muse: OFF TOPIC: This Is What Your Brain…,

    You have a good idea there, Chris. Perhaps it is only a matter of time before same-sex marriages will be legal. In France, a January 2011 TNS-Sofres poll found support was 74% among those under 35 years. (From Wikipedia) That generational weighting towards support is found in many countries, including the United States. (May 2011 Gallup poll)

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  • Southerly: That CERA Rumour, in reply to Paul Campbell,

    Re Paul Campbell's post about boat-like foundations... "when the big one hits it's 'avast me hearties!' and you're off, for a metre or two."

    That's such a great image, especially if Jack Sparrow is at the helm.

    Considering that most of the original landfill in SF's Marina District was scuppered boats that the 49ers arrived on and which were then abandoned in the harbour by their crews as they, too, went looking for gold in them thar hills, it's also very circular.

    Do you happen to know if the idea ever gained ground, so to speak?

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  • Hard News: Any excuse for a party, in reply to Lea Barker,

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  • Hard News: Any excuse for a party,

    As for NZ becoming a republic, Russell--try living in one for a decade and you'll soon change your mind. There is absolutely nothing good to be said for a form of government that separates a powerful executive (president/governor and cabinet) from the legislature. Far better to have a parliamentary democracy in which ministers, including the prime minister, have to answer for their actions to the people's representatives on a daily basis.

    Oddly, most people I've broached this topic with in the US favour the US system precisely because you can't get rid of a president/governor once they've been elected, except by the extreme measure of impeachment/recall (or assassination if you want to be really extreme). People here think that makes for stable government and that parliamentary democracies are inherently unstable.

    Give me a hereditary monarch with extremely limited powers any day over an elected one with real power and no-one to answer to. Even if the chief executive is voted out after four years, they can do a lot of damage in the meantime.

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