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  • Legal Beagle: Infrequently asked questions,

    Saw an interesting suggestion on Twitter today: If/when Paul Goldsmith wins in Epsom, he could still resign before the return of writs (December 15), and John Banks would be the winner of the electorate without the need for a by-election. Would this be correct?

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  • Muse: OFF TOPIC: This Is What Your Brain…,

    I was moved by the way he admitted that initially he had opposed same-sex marriage for the simple reason he was raised Catholic and that was the done thing. He had never questioned or thought about it.

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  • Hard News: The Exploding Banana Scandal,

    Actually the funniest part of the whole story to me was the editor of the SST saying that their journalists had letters on them explaining it was all a test. This was in case they were found by Police to prevent an evacuation of the stadium.

    "Okay then Mr Bin Laden, you have a letter from your editor? That's fine then, carry on!"

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