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Aiming for 2,000

It's really fucking cold and the girls are racing around the track. It's supposed to be just a speed practice but there are a few sly shoves and grins. They can't stop competing.

And in the build up to the biggest Roller Derby event in New Zealand ever, the skaters have a lot of nervous energy to burn off. Every one is talking about the TSB Arena. They want to know what the surface is like, how big it is, and what will it be like if they get 2,000 people?

This is a big fight. Yamis noted in the comments of my last post that the Tua fight resonated with sections of the community that fly under the radar. Roller Derby is the same.

It's the sport for women, for geeks, for rock-a-billys, for punks, and for anyone who might not like sport. Lucy in Disguise from Auckland told me it was a sport for people from the "alternative" scene (she actually used air quotes around alternative), the one's that are turned off by mainstream sports. Of course if you like sport you'll like derby, because it is a sport.

I did three interviews (don't worry they're only ~4mins each) and while they had fun joking around it was clear they just loved skating with their friends and in a competitive way.

Goldie Scorn and Rocket Queen

Rocket Queen & Goldie Scorn

Suffer Jet and Perky Nah Nah

Suffer Jet & Perky Nah Nah

Lux Vengence and Silken Dagger

Lux Vengeance & Silken Dagger

No one was giving anything away. The bench manager for Brutal Pageant, Rita Anguish, was keeping her tactics close to her chest, but she did tell me how they run their bench. Players are chosen by talent first and then by situation. So Rita has players that she knows she can call on if they need to slow it down or (potentially) score lots of fast points. They are also watching the players who are racking up penalties. Penalties will kill you late in the game.

By now you must be wanting to get to the Civil Offence bout on Saturday. There are three options open for you.

  1. Go to Under the Radar to pre-purchase your tickets (advised)
  2. Show up on the day
  3. Or email me with the name of the team you'll be supporting and you could win a double pass.

We really want 2,000 screaming fans there on Saturday. I'll be MCing again and I want to see if I can yell louder than 2,000 people, it sounds like a challenge.

As always the brilliant photography of Jed Soane and Mike Roseingrave, with more at those links.

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