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  • Field Theory: Aiming for 2,000,

    So you reckon they'll get 2,000 punters Hadyn?

    If we get 2000 punters, I will do a special little dance after Magenta Diamond's half time show. Cover your children's eyes, it will be a sight. Promise.

    We have turned so many people away at our two previous bouts that we just had to go large, and the only place in central Wellington that has the facility for us is the TSB. That is one hell of an exciting upsize.

    No matter how many people come, the game is going to be great. That said, we think that derby can be huge here in the Richter City and we're going hard to tap into the sport crowd (Hadyn has been blazing a trail there, for which he receives my eternal gratitude).

    As an aside -
    It's really hard to find a venue to skate in here in Wellington - for training or for bouts. The lack of venues has been the single most difficult thing we've had to deal with, and it's we're still struggling. If anyone knows of an empty warehouse or something similar with a wooden/polished concrete floor the size of a couple of basketball courts in the central city, get in contact and we will give you special derby love for all eternity.

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