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Southerly: Now I Am Permitted

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  • Jeffrey Holman,

    PS: the cows of Dunsandel miss you all...

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  • Bart Janssen, in reply to Hebe,

    I blame the ubiquitous MBA

    I read a realy interesting study about MBAs. It looked at cohorts of Harvard MBAs, to be fair not an average sample. Basically it examined the success or otherwise of the graduates. What became rapidly apparent was that the success came not from the course content or the actual grades in the course, but rather from the network that formed amongst the group that graduated together. They became a tight knit network that went on to access each others skills and support each later in their careers regardless of the business in which they were employed. Those with the strongest networks were often the most successful.

    Two things struck me about this study. First, it showed the value of small classes, even in university, these were classes of around 30-40 not 300-400.

    Second, if you get an MBA by correspondance classes you miss out almost entirely on the value of the degree because it was the network that mattered not the content or grades.

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  • Geoff Lealand,

    George W.Bush was the first US President with a MBA, which says something about their value. He may well have bought it through the post.

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  • RJW,

    So happy to hear that you are now able to legally inhabit the moved house -- I have been wondering what happened for such a long time!
    It's great to know your period in limbo is finally ended.

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  • Graham Dunster,

    This post in the NBR, whilst not as amusing, still may have some merit -

    Auckland • Since Nov 2009 • 184 posts Report

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