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OnPoint: You win, I lose, eat that

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  • Juha Saarinen,

    But to date, I have not heard from Coddington, North & South, or their lawyers.

    Honestly Keith... you think Codswallopington and the outfit that takes pride in printing her rubbish would speak to.... an Asian?

    Tsk, tsk, tsk. Still naïive.

    Since Nov 2006 • 529 posts Report

  • Yamis,

    My wife has been pregnant once and we had our baby. The facts are clear. Asians married to me have 0% abortions. Feel free to use these statistics in any article people and quote me directly.

    Since Nov 2006 • 903 posts Report

  • Hamish,

    Could you sue for Coddingtons comments about insane bloggers? Clearly you are much higher mental capacity and a firmer grasp on reality than most of the N&S staff.

    The A.K. • Since Nov 2006 • 155 posts Report

  • Slarty Bartfast,

    No worries Keith, I read your article and realised that what with the Listener now being just another section of the Herald (Russell's worthy contributions excepted of course), you couldn't expect to be as forthright as this forum.
    Coddington does DESERVE to be defamed though doesn't she. Isn't truth a defence in defamation? If only the public knew just a skerrick of the truth about her life... oh how sweet that would be.

    Since Nov 2006 • 3 posts Report

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