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Cracker: Summer in the City

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  • Mike,

    Yes the ZM MC was a little out of her element. Her introduction for the Bats came across as a justification for their inclusion on the bill. Clearly she, or ZM assumed that the crowd would have no idea who they were.It was a fun day though.

    Since Sep 2009 • 4 posts Report Reply

  • philipmatthews,

    In Bats-related trivia, there was a lovely moment during Jens Lekman's recent set opening for Joanna Newsom in Christchurch: aware he was in the Bats' home town, he told his audience he wished he had something as brilliant and simple -- not his exact words, but close enough -- as "Block of Wood".

    Christchurch • Since Nov 2007 • 656 posts Report Reply

  • AllanM,

    I am a little surprised that Parnell Baths were open on Sunday, given the


    Still, Parnell Baths are one of the first things I discovered in Auckland when I moved here 10 years ago.

    Auck • Since Nov 2009 • 10 posts Report Reply

  • recordari,

    Bit obvious I guess. Well, more than a bit, but hey, it's Friday...

    AUCKLAND • Since Dec 2009 • 2607 posts Report Reply

  • Alien Lizard (anag),

    Sychronised wading

    I'm assuming you mean Synchronised.... :- )
    Sychronised sounds like a portmanteau word
    mixing psycho crones ...and believe they are usually dunked at the end of long poles...
    a puritanical synch or swim scenario...

    Cotton Mather

    The Arrrgh Complex • Since Jan 2010 • 158 posts Report Reply

  • recordari,

    Syncopated wadding?

    It's the dampener that did it, I tells ya!

    AUCKLAND • Since Dec 2009 • 2607 posts Report Reply

  • Ana Simkiss,

    I'm having a weekend like that this weekend! cricket on Saturday, Summer Series on Sunday...I've also promised to drop in on the Wet Hot B*tches who have a repeat performance Sunday 3pm. Now I need the Auckland weather gods to cooperate.

    Freemans Bay • Since Nov 2006 • 141 posts Report Reply

  • Alien Lizard (anag),

    "Block of Wood"

    I've been at them for years to make
    that riff available as a ringtone....

    The Arrrgh Complex • Since Jan 2010 • 158 posts Report Reply

  • Allan Bollard,

    Parnell Baths closed for about 2 hours, 10-12. It was surreal seeing it at 11am, good enough to drink, and deserted.

    Aoteoroa(New Zealand) • Since Nov 2009 • 2 posts Report Reply

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