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Cracker: Gone Fushin’

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  • andrea quin, in reply to christopher brown,

    Christopher, you'd have to ask others that -- some people seem to like "releasing" them, others stuff them, others measure them. My point, I think, was that that seemed like an awful lot of fish for 3 people to eat but Damian has said he gave much of it away and that it was a rare event anyway.

    And I think you should check out the impact of recreational fishers on fish populations -- it is really hard to measure the recreational take, but fisheries estimate somewhere between 1500 and 6000 tonnes of snapper are taken by non-commercial fishers annually from the Hauraki/east northland/BOP area. Bag limits (and commercial quotas) have been steadily reduced over the years to try to replensih the fishery but it is still highly stressed.

    You might say that on its own, that non-commercial take would be sustainable and the depletion is due to the commercial take, but there is only one population and it doesnt care whether it is being plundered for money, recreation or genuinely hungry mouths.

    While Damian claims to have reasonable faith in the quota management system, I'd say it generally considers the seas as a commercial resource to be managed for maximum exploitation and is not sufficiently well informed by good research (because such work is very hard and expensive). I'd like to see a lot more marine reserves around the country (50% of the coast?) to protect and regenerate this incredible ecosystem. It might even make the fishing better...

    Auckland • Since Dec 2009 • 44 posts Report

  • Hilary Stace,

    Quote from Temple Grandin (autistic designer of slaughterhouses) in the movie Temple Grandin, 'nature is cruel, but we don't have to be'.

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  • Peter Elliott,

    When the Gulf is firing and the water is as clear as that and friends are on board with you, gannets diving make the processional music for your entrance into heaven.

    Auckland • Since Nov 2010 • 3 posts Report

  • steve somervell, in reply to Jacqui Dunn,

    All fish caught on Reel Deal Charters are brain spiked and die instantly .They are all placed in salt ice & upon request , filleted/skinned and vac packed for freshness. We respect species unfortunate enough to be beneath us in the food chain and appreciate every one of them.We also respect our customers rights to their limits be it legal or personal.May i also point out that Damien and i amongst countless others have spent many hours underwater in awe of aquatic life as divers with no intention other than spectating.
    p.s. vegetarians, of which i was for 6 years, who drive cars are killing us all for their own convenience and pecuniary gain... hah just joking/trying to spark another heartfelt debate . love you all

    royal heights • Since Nov 2010 • 1 posts Report

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