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Busytown: Forever Tuesday Morning

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  • Russell Brown,

    I have to say, this awesome video (plus his great books) made me want to vote for Barack Obama.

    It's a measure of the impact of that video that both you and David have noted it, and I was going to until I realised you had. Interesting.

    Auckland • Since Nov 2006 • 22848 posts Report Reply

  • Paul Matthews,

    I just watched the Obama video, it gave me goose bumps. When Russell points to the mundane ‘celebrations’ of our great national day, I think about the 4th of July celebrations I experienced in Louisville, Kentucky, the patriotism was amazing. Obama has an amazing ability to really stir the nation...we should be so lucky.

    Auckland • Since Feb 2008 • 1 posts Report Reply

  • Rob Hosking,

    Nice headline on the post....The Economist, in similar mode, headlined its piece on the Guiliani withdrawl 'Goodbye Rudy Tuesday'.

    South Roseneath • Since Nov 2006 • 830 posts Report Reply

  • Kyle Matthews,

    I wonder, with the comparisons being made about Obama with JFK, MLK, and just watching that music video, I was struck by the comparison of the circumstances with Bobby Kennedy - a man running for election at a time when a country needs change.

    All of which made me wonder. Odds on history repeating, and someone going nuts with a gun.

    Since Nov 2006 • 6243 posts Report Reply

  • andrew llewellyn,

    Hush your mouth Kyle!!

    Since Nov 2006 • 2075 posts Report Reply

  • anjum rahman,

    the patriotism was amazing

    patriotism is not always a good thing. too much patriotism is definitely not a good thing. a nice balance where being proud of who we are and what we've achieved without being arrogant towards others is probably best. in any case, i much prefer our realistic grappling with our troubled past than blind fervour. maori tv looks like it's doing some excellent stuff tomorrow.

    hamilton • Since Nov 2006 • 130 posts Report Reply

  • Kyle Matthews,

    Hey. Russell just posted that he's getting close in California polling. Are we scared yet?

    Since Nov 2006 • 6243 posts Report Reply

  • InternationalObserver,

    All of which made me wonder. Odds on history repeating, and someone going nuts with a gun.

    It's the only reason Hillary would accept the Vice Presidency!

    Since Jun 2007 • 909 posts Report Reply

  • Bob Munro,

    Loved the piece on 'The Cowboy President'.

    I've followed The Bag for some time which uses the visual images of Bush to probe his psyche (amongst many other interesting things). This extends that examination to his own visual enthusiasms. Fascinating.

    Christchurch • Since Aug 2007 • 418 posts Report Reply

  • richard,

    Between the Superbowl and Super Tuesday, suddenly everything round here is all suped-up, as it were.

    The primaries came up at lunch today, and many people who usually know exactly what they think were saying they had simply no idea what they would do tomorrow (well, those of my colleagues who are US citizens rather than merely US taxpayers). But some previously rock-ribbed Clintonites were beginning to waver, so if my small and very unscientific poll of scientists is any guide, there is a good chance tomorrow could be a very interesting day.

    Not looking for New Engla… • Since Nov 2006 • 268 posts Report Reply

  • Duane Griffin,

    You should ice your cake with both names, one on each side, and see which one goes quickest :)

    Palmerston North • Since Nov 2006 • 21 posts Report Reply

  • Jolisa,

    You should ice your cake with both names, one on each side, and see which one goes quickest :)

    Ooh, how cunning. A culinary exit poll! Alas, I had to bail on the cupcakes as we had a germy boy in the house. Didn't want pass it on to all the voters who bothered to come out in the rain today.

    Oddly, there were signs for HIllary out the front of the school, but the Obama people had forgotten to plant theirs. It was only by *not* seeing one name that I really felt how powerful that last-minute nudge could be in favour of the other name... And the polls are showing them neck and neck in Connecticut.

    Auckland, NZ • Since Nov 2006 • 1472 posts Report Reply

  • linger,

    some previously rock-ribbed Clintonites

    = ribbed for her pleasure?

    Tokyo • Since Apr 2007 • 1940 posts Report Reply

  • permiegirl,

    "how would you choose between two such different but brilliant and inspiring candidates?"

    Certainly Hillary is brilliant and inspiring but she is still a corporate slave the same way Bill was - and she is more cunning. There's a lot of information out there but this open letter summarises the problem. I challenge everyone to read http://www.thepeoplesvoice.org/cgi-bin/blogs/voices.php/2008/02/05/p23068 and not feel that your children's future, America's future and the future of the world are in dire straights unless America gets a whole new vision in power. Maybe Obama can't do it - but Hillary WON'T do it. She has too many vested interests.

    Australia • Since Feb 2008 • 1 posts Report Reply

  • kowhai,

    in any case, i much prefer our realistic grappling with our troubled past than blind fervour


    Since Jan 2008 • 3 posts Report Reply

  • Shep Cheyenne,

    Using science-fiction logic of the Star Trek series.

    Captain Janeway was the first woman Captain of a Starship. 1995-2001

    Although Captain Sisko was in Command of Deep Space Nine in 1993 no African-American has ever captained a Starship in a series.

    So Hillary will lead the Democratic election drive with Barack as her Deputy - So says Star Trek.

    Live Long & Prosper.

    Since Oct 2007 • 927 posts Report Reply

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