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Lost on Internet Island

Next week, the internet will not be safe. Not unless your favourite auntie who lives in America has taped the final of Lost on a compatible format and posted it to you after it screens in the US on May 23 and before it screens here on May 29. If you don’t want to know that the island is really a spaceship, or that it was all an illusion manufactured by machines so they can harvest human bodies for energy, don’t go near the internets, because that shit is going to be totally up in our grills.

Lost is looking like a balance of good and evil, don’t you think? Jack Shepherd – well, his name is Shepherd – is going to take over from Jacob, the balance will be restored and we can all go home. They set up the Jack versus Locke thing a while ago, with that whole “Man of Science, Man of Faith” episode, except that Locke was the man of faith. Now Jack seems to have found Island religion and doesn’t want to leave.

In other news, if you were wondering what happened to Damages on TV1 on a Sunday night, it was taken off due to low ratings. However, TV1 says it will return on June 27 at 10.30pm. I must say, this second season is a bit of a hard watch – Rose Byrne looks alarmingly thin for a start – and it’s going back and forth in time with gay abandon. However, it does feature Timothy Olyphant, my new favourite screen god. He was awesome in Deadwood and he is really awesome in Justified.

Who’s loving The Good Wife? I feel quite grown up when I watch it. Possibly it's the novelty of no gimmicks. No blokes who can read minds, who pretend to read minds, or know when you're lying. Nobody with a scalpel, latex gloves or DNA swabs. Hardly any murdered women.

I like that Alicia Florrick is a mother of two who uses her acquired wisdom; I like that Julianna Margulies plays her with quiet dignity, but not without emotion; I like that I really want to see where it is going. Also, Archie Panjabi is cool.

Lastly, True Blood minisodes! Squee!

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