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Better than Twilight

Sexy old True Blood has started in the US, but don’t worry, if your favourite aunt in America hasn’t sent you a VHS already, Prime is rolling out the naked Viking vampire pretty soon after the American transmission. Two weeks after, in fact, starting on June 30. Grant Bowler has made his first, albeit brief, appearance; there’s a little chat between Stephen Moyer and Grant here. Don’t worry, no spoilers, unless you didn’t know that GB is a werewolf (oops). On the other hand, there will be spoilers in EW’s coverage, which is ginormous.

I’m not sure I’m comfortable with the D-O-double-G’s song about our little Anna Paquin, actually.

The American Outrageous Fortune, Scoundrels has just started too – I just hope it’s better than the UK version, which was called Honest. Scoundrels looks a little bit closer to the original intent, but I hope it’s not too glossy. American TV seems to only be able to do working-class on cable. Wonder what Munter will be called in the US version?

I said it after The Devil Dared Me To, and I’m calling it again: Heath and Stapp are a class act. Bogan Family Films shows that all those years doing stupid stunts and pissing off gorillas in cages has come to something. Last week’s episode, which featured a film within a film, was kinda awesome. Watch here.

The Heroes with asbos is coming: C4 is promo-ing Misfits. It’s really awesome. Really.

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