OnPoint by Keith Ng


Normal service has been delayed due to World Cinema Showcase coinciding with me getting paid.

Have been to a few films so far, including Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles and Tsotsi.

The Proposition (on again tonight at the Paramount at 20:30) was excellent. Written by Nick Cave, it's partly an Aboriginals vs Colonials Western, partly Apocalypse Now set in the Outback. The latter really snagged me - especially Danny Huston as the poet-guru-psycho villain.

And having been obsessing about accusations and justice over the pass weeks, Accused (on tonight at 18:15) hit me like a ton of bricks. It's a compelling and thoughtful of story of a man accused of sleeping with his daughter, following him as the shockwave of the accusation rips through his life. It's as merciless as Irreversible, but without gimmicks, sex or violence - which makes it far more insidious and brutal.

It's an amazing film, but definitely not a date movie. (I feel compelled to add this caveat in after hearing a story about how, a few years back, some poor schmuck took a date to Irreversible. I doubt he got a second date.)

[Aucklanders: The World Cinema Showcase will get to Auckland on 20 April.]

And here's my tribute to someone who must be feeling lonely right now. Everyone is judging him. He doesn't have the opportunity to defend himself, but he knows he's done nothing wrong. Don't worry - we believe you!