OnPoint by Keith Ng

Keeping it real. Sort of. No, not really.

As usual, here's your Friday afternoon procrastination material, diligently brought to you on a Thursday. Danah Boyd's excellent interview with Kim Hill is right here.

It all gets bit postmodern when fictional characters start having a real presence online. Is the real person's fake persona more or less real than the fictional character's real persona? More to the point, which one is funnier?

Sticking with the Myspace theme, here's this week's NGA:

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And while we're on postmodernist conceptions of reality and 14-year-old girls, here's my analysis of the post-microchip spat parliamentary dynamics, as observed at the Green's mid-winter/United Future birthday parties (originally posted on Kiwiblog):

Yeah, so I was at the Green's party last Tuesday, and Don was, like, totally making a move on Jeanette. But, you know, she was like 'yeah, whatever' at first, but cos Helen didn't turn up to her party, she was all 'yeah, I didn't want her to come anyway, cos Don is so much cooler than her'. Do you believe that? I mean, like, totally - burn!

And yeah, so I went down to Peter's party, which I thought would have been really lame, but they had pizzas and stuff. And guess who I saw? Like, *ALL* of Helen's friends. What's up with that? So I txted my friend at the Greens, and we were both, like "wassup wit dat??? an did u c hw mch wa8 rodny lost? i totally saw a chin".

All of Helen's friends were like, "hey, great party, love the pizza", but they didn't even, like, like Peter or anything, they just wanted to make Jeanette jealous and stuff. That's so sad, cos, like I think Helen and Jeanette should be best friends, so they should really make up and not let those boyz get in the way."