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There's Always One

One of the small joys of taking regional Link flights (and there are few enough) is that no one seems to think it worthwhile to run a security screen: so, no queueing, no fetching your laptop out of your bag and no worrying about your scissors. But there's always someone who spoils it, isn't there?

Graham has already posted in appreciation of Richard Simpson's outside-the-square (but highly practical) harbour bridge proposal, after sitting in on the interview with Richard that will air on Public Address Radio, 5pm tomorrow on Radio Live. The same show features an interview with Amsterdam-based Kiwi Adam Hyde of FLOSS Manuals, and the first of three parts of a reading of the moving refugee story of Shazad Ghahreman, which drew a huge response when David Haywood published the text last year.

Meanwhile, here's the Public Address Radio Big Day Out report.

In raving objectivist news, would Lindsay Perigo stand a chance of being taken more seriously if he didn't sign off his press releases with paragraphs like this?

Things have come to a pretty pass when the Fourth Estate and opposition parties not only do not probe and expose evil, but also lick its every last orifice.

"February 6, 2008, was truly a day of shame and a day for vomit," Perigo concludes.


The Middle East cable failures: imperialist plot against Iran? No, not yet anyway.

But an anonymous hacker group called, well, Anonymous, has been staging DDOS attacks on Church of Scientology web assets. Trouble is, they're not too bright. Monday (our time) is lined up as the big day.

It's been all over the YouTubes, starting with this video message from Anonymous to Scientology. Then this one.

Scientology responded: "our spiritual leader Tom Cruise is coming after you. He is on his way to your headquarters right now. And we chartered some UFOs to come after you and eat your souls and put them in a volcano."

And then they responded again.

Meanwhile, the niece of Scientology's grand wizard has been saying mean things about the "church".

Leo says: "Scientology closed due to thetans." Good boy.

The Fundy Post wonders why John Key led the prayer at Waitangi when he doesn't really believe in that stuff, and links to some fundies who wonder whether Key is Catholic "like the rest of the National Party". (I actually had to stare at Christian News NZ for a little while to make sure it wasn't a very clever parody.)

Chris Bourke farewells the Maharishi, and has a related 1962 page from Truth with a truly diabolical juxtaposition. Chris digs further into the Truth archives for a thoughtful perspective on Waitangi Day and race relations.

Would Mitt Romney have done better if his advertising had been more like this?

Japanese McDonalds ad. WTF?

And, finally, something that Leo found for me: the Lego Mindstorms robot that solves the Rubik's cube. Cool.

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