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An open thread while I'm down with #OGB

Hi folks. Now, you know my preference would be to bust out a witty, forthright and yet measured post about some important thing ... but I'm pulling things together for our event on Thursday. And I don't quite have the time or energy to multi-task.

So it's occasion for (iirc) my second-ever open thread.

It might be all about the debt ceiling thing.

Or why the voting public appears somewhat to like the Labour Party's policy -- and to freakin' hate the idea of further asset sales -- but will nonethless be voting for that nice Mr Key later this year.

Or the synthetic cannabis ban.

Or the Green Paper on Vulnerable Children. You'll want to read John Edwards' extremely useful blog post about that anyway.

Perhaps you can find a way to connect them all!

So go ahead. Four hundred-odd of you can look forward to joining us on Thursday at the Orcon Great Blend. And those of you who can't make it may care to make time for the Media7 Science Special, which was a lot of work to make on Sunday, but washed up pretty well. It screens Thursday night at 9.05pm on TVNZ. 

And, before I go and do more stuff, a big ups and thank you to Hallertau Brewery, where Scott and Hayley have stepped in at the last moment to provide a range of brews (at a tasty price!) for Thursday's Great Blend. Loving that.

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