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Now you've all finished wringing out your silver-fern-emblazoned hankies, you'll be wanting some light reading for the weekend, preferably nothing to do with balls. I spent my handful of kid-free hours this week knocking out more Iceland stories over at Babble, so do pop over and have a look. Thrilling exploits, all of 'em. Baby takes a shower. Brother puts a few more miles on the scooter. We discover the handsomest nappies you ever saw. And dairy products! Coming next week: big brother drives a car, and we get wet the Icelandic way.

Next, not so much reading as listening. If you have a soft spot for Douglas Adams in his original, audio incarnation - and who doesn't thrill to the twanging, swirling theme tune of the original Hitchhiker's Guide radio series - you might be interested in Radio 4's new adaptation of Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency. I'd love to hear it, but I'm buggered if I can get it to work properly on my Mac - let me know if you have better luck. (Requires Real Audio's Realplayer).

Perhaps you'd prefer a nice nap instead. Go for it. Among the many fascinating things I learned from this article: that lack of sleep makes you fat, and that every hour of sleep you don't get makes you a full school year dumber. Whoah.

And I should have linked to this next one months ago. Blogging. Everybody's doing it. Even yo' mama. Actually, even my mama, and my papa. They've been wandering the world for the last six months (check out the itinerary) and documenting their adventures - many of them involving wine - with lots of pictures and great humour. Welcome back to Aotearoa, Mum and Dad.

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