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Hard News: Where do you get yours?

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  • Hebe, in reply to Emma Hart,

    Now I need to buy bookshelves...

    Our house had a weed-out of books when we moved house three years ago and got them down to 30 boxes full of our favourites, odities and rarities. Those 30 boxes have sat in storage untouched for three years -- how many could I get on an iPad?

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  • Pete,

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  • Emma Hart, in reply to Hebe,

    Those 30 boxes have sat in storage untouched for three years

    I regularly weed our bookshelves. Rejects go out to the garage. If they can sit out there for about six months without me wanting them, they can go.

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  • stever@cs.waikato.ac.nz,

    Very boring, because I'm old: Amazon UK for films (having gone through the month's Sight and Sound, and I always, according to the partner order "pretentious films, just because S&S told you to"), and the same place for CDs--also a bit of Marbecks--, because, like Geoff and others, I just need the physical thing (....and then TV from the BBC...)...

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  • Russell Brown, in reply to Emma Hart,

    I keep expecting you to say where you get your porn from ;-)

    FWIW, Indie Nudes leads to a cornucopia of alt/indie/amateur, arty porn and porny art. NSFW, obviously.

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  • Julian Melville, in reply to Martin Lindberg,

    Can I ask what problems you have with m4a-files?

    Basically, they're not MP3 or FLAC files. I've still got devices round here that don't know what an M4A is, but can play any old MP3 you throw at them. There's nothing about an M4A that makes it better than an MP3 file, so there's no reason to like them.

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  • Emma Hart, in reply to Russell Brown,

    I keep expecting you to say where you get your porn from ;-)

    After dinner. I'm more than happy to go into that, I just don't have time right now.

    Though. As far as 'native guides' go (y'know, those people you trust to find stuff in the vastness of the internet that you'll probably like) Violet Blue (NSFW) is excellent. Every week she'll do an Eye Candy piece, where she'll pick a theme and link to a bunch of porn around that theme. Like this.

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  • Chris Waugh,

    I, too, am really old-fashioned, and fortunate to be in a city where old-fashioned book buying is well supported (provided you're happy to limit your reading to simplified Chinese editions that haven't made the CCP unhappy, of course, but that still leaves plenty of room). There's a market not far away that has a couple of book stalls selling most books for 5 yuan (NZ$1!) each and some even cheaper - they would seem to be mostly old editions, print overruns, and stuff that fell of the back of trucks. A bit further away in another direction at a place whose name means Sweet Water Garden is a huge market where a lot of publishers have stalls jam packed with their entire catalogue. On Saturday I like to take the Beijing News around to a restaurant for lunch and sit down and read the book section. Many trees have died to keep me happy.

    I have become very much reliant on birthday and Christmas parcels from my mum to keep me in English-language reading material. Sometimes I like to think we're building the biggest collection of New Zealand literature in Beijing, but I don't know what's on anybody else's bookshelves here.

    Unfortunately all that talk of actually respecting IPR does actually seem to be translating into difficulty finding quality CDs and DVDs and actually what you want on Baidu MP3 search (not that there's ever been much on Baidu MP3 for people whose tastes go beyond Mandopop).

    In case anybody's curious, Paper Republic is good for keeping up to date with Chinese literature in translation, and Neocha is good for seeing what creative young Chinese who aren't much bothered with the sensitivities of the authorities are getting up to, including in music. Neocha used to have a music player called 'Next' which was pretty interesting, but being stuck on a relatively tight data limit in Beijing and 20 hours/month out in the village means I didn't use it as much as I would've liked, and now I can't find it.

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  • Russell Brown, in reply to Julian Melville,

    Basically, they’re not MP3 or FLAC files. I’ve still got devices round here that don’t know what an M4A is, but can play any old MP3 you throw at them. There’s nothing about an M4A that makes it better than an MP3 file, so there’s no reason to like them.

    Otoh, pretty much everyone else has an iPod that does play M4As and doesn't play FLAC files. Leo plays M4As in WinAmp on his PC.

    I'm often surprised at the lack of support for M4A/AAC files in TV-DVD-type devices though. Surely, given that the lion's share of digital sales rests with iTunes, you'd support that format?

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  • Geoff Lealand, in reply to Russell Brown,

    Yikes! That Indie Nudes site is something to behold. My iPad is feeling the strain,

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  • Dave Howell, in reply to Emma Hart,

    I'll use that for stuff I would previously have got through the library. But things I want to re-read, or stuff like the Jim Butcher series that's currently being read by three members of my family, I'll buy in dead-tree format.

    I've been astonished, and in all honesty somewhat dismayed, to find that I actually prefer reading from the Kindle than real paper. But when it comes to browsing for something to read, there's no substitute for a physical bookshelf. So now I've consumed all the (non-crap) free ebooks in Fifth Imperium, mostly I buy junk fiction from Amazon's Kindle store. But books which I expect to become old friends whose faces I'll be pleased to re-encounter on my shelves, I get in paper from bookdepository. Between the two of them they've more or less obsoleted my library card, which 3 years ago was my most treasured possession.

    As a consequence of this, I've found Amazon's recommendation engine is starting to get pretty good at finding me airplane reading. Jo Walton at Tor, however, is my goto blog for keepers.

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  • Islander, in reply to ppjamieson,

    Books from Mightyape.co.nz Fishpond.co.nz thebookdepository.co.nz

    and a large number from bookaramas/secondhandbookshops…since my local “Take Note” closed, I no longer buy locally (except when I am south, where there still remain good local bookshops-)
    Music-I never buy from iTunes or any on-line source – ditto for dvds.I have libraries of these things too-

    …have no e-reader nor any intention of buying one.
    I like my books as- books.

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  • Phil fryer,


    Music,mostly comes thru; air frieghted Uncut Mag,Elsewhere,Marbecks,Jb's R /G.
    industry MD mates for 30years,provide 10cs's per week, for awhile,see 3/5 gigs a week,local & O/S, cause my name is on the door - often !
    Arts & letters Daily,keeps my eyes & ears on a cultural mix,books films literature,
    there always seems to be some sorta Film Fest on, seen 10 doco's !
    Unity & Womens B/s meet my needs,the former's sale -means Ive winter reading sorted,
    I'm time rich enuff, to let my obsessions have turns,but few cyber purchases,more the loquacious hedonistic bon vivant, & luddite !
    ps had a great couple of weeks with Nick from Alabama 3,hence photo !

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  • Ross McA., in reply to Ian Dalziel,

    and here is a you tube snippet on the making of the original...

    An astounding original it is too. Hard to believe it was recorded first off for Revolver, cos it's a brilliant segue to Sgt Peppers.

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  • Danielle, in reply to Ross McA.,

    Revolver: it's the best Beatles album. I think we can all agree on this. ;)

    My favourite comment on that remix, Russell, is towards the end and someone says something like 'nuff respect to the moptop massive'. Heh.

    Righto, I'm off to lay down all thought and surrender to the void that is toddler swimming lessons.

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  • bmk, in reply to Dave Howell,

    Jo Walton at Tor, however, is my goto blog for keepers.

    Yep, she's great. I've just finished her extensive re-read blog on Patrick Rothfuss's Kingkiller Chronicles.

    I also agree about finding it easier to read on a Kindle. I was, also, surprised to find this having been one of those ardent people who proclaimed that nothing would replace an actual physical book. Physical books still have a huge advantage for both photos and maps.

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  • Sacha, in reply to Danielle,

    nuff respect to the moptop massive


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  • Scott Chris,

    Meanwhile, some free goodies …

    Post Mint Chicks band Opossom’s newest MP3 …

    Always get the feeling that I’m listening to an exhibit rather than a song with the Mint Chicks. So intense. Especially liked the collaboration with Pip Brown a couple of years back.

    You can buy it directly from the band here for a US buck.

    [edit: I think we can all agree that the White Album was The Beatles' creative pinnacle]

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  • Martin Lindberg,

    Cue Alan Partridge: "My favourite of their albums is The Best of The Beatles"

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  • BenWilson,

    Music: Mostly listening to radio, or sharing files with friends. Occasionally renting and ripping CDs from library. By radio I mean internet radio, the 50,000 odd channels on Shoutcast stream well enough to my Android over 3G if I'm out, and perfectly when I'm on the WiFi at home.

    Books: Library, almost exclusively. I just don't have anywhere to put books. I will browse catalogs for books online, or wander through bookshops, but after having done this I'll jump on the Auckland libraries catalog and reserve it. The stack is so long I'm not exactly in a hurry. I don't really like reading dead trees compared to reading ebooks, but I don't want to pay for what I can have for free just by exercising a tiny amount of patience. Too often in the past I've bought books and then taken years to getting around to reading them anyway. I've got a bunch of oldies on the phone from Project Gutenberg that I occasionally amuse myself with if I'm caught waiting somewhere, but with 3G, I'm more likely to jump on the net. Or, horror of horrors, actually read the magazines provided.

    Movies: Sky and Fatso. Probably going to drop Sky pretty soon. Going to my first cinema in about a year tonight, and only because someone gave me Gold Class tickets and it's my anniversary, and they're going to expire. Nothing at the cinema inspires me at all now, indeed I find it hard to stay awake during movies. I don't think this is because the movies are crap - that's not a judgment I personally make. I just don't find them stimulating any more. Similar feelings to computer games, so I'm going with the problem being me getting old.

    Art, artifacts etc: Got none. I feel burdened by the possessions I already have.

    Internet for everything else. No especially favoured sources, other than here. But even then, really I'm here for discussion, I can't help but be honest that my musical tastes are at variance with what I perceive the crowd to be. I'm eclectic and bore easily, so have no discernible style at all. I use random play a lot.

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  • Samuel Scott,

    I've enjoyed using Rdio and I'm really keen to try out Spotify. I like the idea of streaming + buying records. I tend to hear about new music through Facebo0k or Twitter. I have gone from reading several music blogs on an almost daily basis to not reading any. The reason why is surely that I get the same info filtered through twitter, with the best articles being recommended by people who just read a lot more than me.

    I certainly prefer band camp to iTunes, but I'll happily use either.

    Movies I need help with. I think the iTunes pricing is way out of line. Once you add in the cost of your data it seems like a much better idea to just go to the video store. I bought the Aziz Ansari standup show. I loved that pricing and convenience ($5, dl at the quality you want etc). And it was DRM free!

    Book Depository and Amazon are great services if you know what you want, but I like to make impulse buys at a real bookstore. Same with records. Slowboat and Unity will always have things I have never heard of that I instantly must have!

    ...oh and there is a relatively new record store in my neighbourhood; Evil Genius. They have great coffee, lots of rare old NZ vinyl, lots of krautrock, practically nothing up to date or popular and they don't even have a website. I love it.

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  • Paul Campbell,

    I use Linux so iTunes is not available to me - I own a shit load of CDs - so many I have trouble storing them - I used to buy 2-3 a week but when Real Groovy bought up most of the Dunedin record stores and then went bust Marbecks and JBHiFi don't really fill the void, I try to buy stuff when I visit the US .... but mostly these days I just don't have any great new music in my life which makes me sad

    Dunedin • Since Nov 2006 • 2623 posts Report

  • Simon Grigg, in reply to Danielle,

    Revolver: it's the best Beatles album. I think we can all agree on this. ;)

    Nah, nah, nah: With The Beatles is it I'm afraid.

    To back this I happily quote William Mann in the pre-Rupert Times:

    harmonic interest is typical of their quicker songs, too, and one gets the impression that they think simultaneously of harmony and melody, so firmly are the major tonic sevenths and ninths built into their tunes, and the flat submediant key switches, so natural is the Aeolian cadence at the end of Not A Second Time (the chord progression which ends Mahler's Song of the Earth).

    Nuff said...

    As one who devotes far too much time to musical trawling on the interswamp I do like Boomkat, Piccadilly and Phonica for purchase, Factmag for edgier pointers and Resident Advisor for obsessive electronica.

    The tips I find on DJ History are always worthwhile once I get past the Balearic references to obscure Fleetwood Mac records.

    And my mate Hugh in Melbourne for the endless list of quite amazing soul, world and reggae mixes he fires in my direction.

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  • Hebe, in reply to Simon Grigg,

    With The Beatles is it

    My mum bought that new when it came out; I grew up with it and have always loved it. Pure pop in the best way. I had no idea it is well regarded.

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  • Hebe,

    This thread is a keeper - I will take the next two years to find my way around all the suggestions. Great idea else I stay on my well-worn paths.

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