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    Yep this is where NZ cleaves into two nations all right

    Y'all know this place is an echo chamber, right?

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    Steven - what?

    That guy wasn't a collector, he was a crim
    What do you have against people who are firearms owners?
    Why do we always get this shit?
    I have less than zero interest in shooting anyone and yes I am aware that I have the tools but I would point out that you could be a rent boy if you wanted and yet presumably you aren't
    You could bend the car towards the school crossing and take out lots of kids and yet you don't, do you Steven?
    Thanks for the inclusiveness pal

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    So now with extra regulation professional pest control will be more expensive to run and the cost will be passed on to the customers/landowners

    Prioritising costs will lead to bunny control being underfunded hence more ecological damage

    I fully accept that the majority has spoken regarding semis - I am sounding like Cassandra because there is a lot of taxpayers money about to go up in smoke because of hastily made and poorly thought out laws

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    There may be no sheep on our farms but there will certainly be a lot of bunnies down South soon

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    Yes, I know people who have more than 100 firearms each, at least 4 personally

    Predominant group skews older white male and tend to have a lot of hair growing out of their ears and have never had a girlfriend - sounds like some sort of tramping club but seriously they are out there and have always been out there peaceably going about their business- there are a LOT more firearms in this country I reckon than most people think - there's still the odd old WW2 Luger pistol unregistered floating about

    The thing about FAL owners that looks dodgy on the surface is that we/they tend towards being secretive because we are worried about being a target for gangs and burglaries - another reason not to trust ol plod with a database

    Look there are departments that can do it okish - Internal Affairs with passports run a pretty tight ship IMO

    I do not wish to be a shopping list item for some fried up P-head and I do not trust plod to keep my info secure

    Please note also that those of us who are lawful police the others somewhat-
    I have seized an illegal rifle off a friend and told him to get a license before he can have it back - he hasn't and I've got rid of it now but this is not an unusual incident - I have been asked to referee for someone else and said that they should not have a license
    As a community we keep an eye on each other

    Go back to the original sin (other than Mr wankface pulling the trigger) - who vetted him, who witnessed for him?
    Word I hear is that he didn't take the test in his home town, never got a home safe inspection and his referees gave almost identical statements cos he got them off a chat room
    No friends should be a great big warning sign

    I would really like to know if this is true but I am not optimistic that the truth will out in this case

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    As far back as I can remember there has always been an amnesty on firearms in this country, take any "gun" into your local copshop and they will happily destroy it for you
    I've done it myself with a crappy little cheap 22 that I got at an auction for the suppressor and didn't need the rest of it clogging up valuable safe room - only worth about $25 so out she went

    Leaving aside the undue haste with which this process has been conducted, those of us who know a little bit about guns (and rifles too) observe that the way the committee have thrown their rope around each category has not been very smart and has lead to
    a- several firearms that are not being included that could fall into the "scary black gun" category - after all, we know what y'all are really after is a largely aesthetic decision as you can rapid fire anything if you practice enough
    b- several firearms that have been included that fall into the "Grandpappys old popgun" category ie tube mag 22s

    This is leading to lot of confusion which is not helpful

    Also, the police wish to administer some sort or registration system - there was one before and there is one now - I am on it
    All Licensees with endorsements for pistols (B) and formerly semiauto MSSAs (E) and collectors (C) are on it
    I have these endorsements and get inspected every few months

    My point is this - Police so very regularly get things wrong on this register that it has become a standing joke so going on what they are doing now I wouldn't trust the police to run a bigger register in the future (remember INCIS?)
    They gave me 2 licenses and I have met people with 5 - other people get someone else's photo on their license, you get the idea
    If I had to surrender one license for some crime I could do it and then take the other one and buy as many firearms as my credit card would allow

    This is not a well-run system, and please note that before the Chch massacre the police wanted to shift inspections off to a glorified call centre in Paraparaumu, further weakening the system

    The only reason John and Jane Citizen should give a shit is it is YOUR tax dollars going to waste and unless they offer a handsome sum for the confiscation planned then you will not get ARs off the streets

    This confiscation is going to be expensive if it is to work and there are a LOT of firearms out there - I've only got about 20 and I know people with hundreds

    Alternatively they will do it in typical NZ fashion as Peter Jackson put it - "a dollar short and a day late" and it will fail to achieve the objective

    Not the sort of thing I would rush but hey, what do I know?

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    A lot of AR15s will not be handed back in and registration will be an expensive boondoggle - I'd bet my two licenses on that
    Australia has a lot of black market firearms

    I fully understand that the will of the people is to ban semis but this law is rushed and poorly written so far, just like the silly MSSA clasification before it

    This will cost taxpayers a LOT of money when, if it was handled more expertly and given more thought, it could be more effective in achieving its aims
    Rushed law is bad law

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  • Hard News: These things we must now change, in reply to simon g,

    Yes absolutely you are correct and I am not trying to push an agenda or drop screeds of paragraph-less stream of consciousness anti-1080 type ranting

    I am trying to be the sign on the map that says "Here be Draggonnes" pointing out that this has been a major event outside of this leftwing echochamber and that the repercussions will be longstanding and deep

    You folks won't see it here because you have a small footprint on this sort of area

    Never mind, carry on, let NZ lemming tell me I'm not fit and proper whatever, we are not any threat to you and have never been one but we walk amongst you and this is where a lot of us have parted ways

    Carry on, have fun, I wish you all the best of luck

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  • Hard News: These things we must now change,

    So the draft legislation is out and this is a big turning point
    Forget how I and other licensed shooters feel betrayed by our govt - I put this sole point to Jane and John voter- the police have failed in their current licensing system to keep track of where anything is (remember INCIS?) right now with the system looking at B-cat/E-cat/C-cat which is Pistols/ARs/Collectors incl machineguns to you lot

    I have two licenses, I've met others with 5.They have lost track of pistols sold and tried adding ones that don't exist. They can't run the current system and yet they want your tax dollars for a bigger newer shinier registration system

    There is a big clusterfuck brewing and they have alienated so many of us for so long that we are inclined to fight them. This schism is akin to the Springbok tour

    There's no gun lobby but there's a whole lot of us who have complied with every stupid law for too long and now we are being screwed over because of a terrorist

    Also please stop asking if I'm gonna shoot everything/one in sight? It's insulting
    I don't even approve of The Walking Dead because I think it habituates people to killing their fellow humans - zombies don't exist
    No I am not even remotely interested
    Guns are fun and useful

    No I don't need a semiautomatic and you don't need a car

    I can't really be arsed arguing but I feel it is important at least to stand here with a sign noting the point where we cleave into two countries

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