Hard News by Russell Brown

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Hard News: We're back!

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  • Hebe,

    Excellent; especially it being election year.

    Christchurch • Since May 2011 • 2899 posts Report Reply

  • Martin Brown,

    Well done. Great news.

    Auckland • Since Mar 2013 • 137 posts Report Reply

  • Graeme Edgeler, in reply to Tamara,

    Thanks for that link Lew, I just learned a Fox news anchor believes that Jesus was white.

    Also on the NZ Herald front page.

    Wellington, New Zealand • Since Nov 2006 • 3215 posts Report Reply

  • David Russell,

    Great news - congratulations. NZ definitely needs YOUR media show. And it will be a good fit with Maori TV.

    Whitianga • Since Apr 2013 • 5 posts Report Reply

  • Eediot,

    Tu meke!

    Auckland • Since Mar 2011 • 51 posts Report Reply

  • Tamara, in reply to Graeme Edgeler,

    Huh, haven't seen it.

    New Zealand • Since Oct 2010 • 115 posts Report Reply

  • Rob Stowell,

    Great to hear :) (and with a smidgen of fairy-dust, MTV'll be a great home for the show)

    Whakaraupo • Since Nov 2006 • 2120 posts Report Reply

  • andin,

    Great News

    raglan • Since Mar 2007 • 1891 posts Report Reply

  • Ross Mason,

    In the words of Tom Scott. Tin of cocoa. Tin of cocoa. Car tower.

    Upper Hutt • Since Jun 2007 • 1590 posts Report Reply

  • Kracklite, in reply to Tamara,

    Tamara, follow this link...


    Apparently Santa just absolutely has to be white. Aisha Harris is brilliant in her response.

    The Library of Babel • Since Nov 2007 • 982 posts Report Reply

  • Ben Austin,

    Congratulations Russell.

    So I guess we do have a public service broadcaster after all! Good work to Maori Television.

    London • Since Nov 2006 • 1027 posts Report Reply

  • Jeanette King,

    Pai rawa atu! Ngā mihi nui ki a koe Russell. Kia kaha hoki tō ako i te reo.

    Ōtautahi • Since Oct 2010 • 43 posts Report Reply

  • Carol Stewart,

    Congratulations RB. This is a lovely Christmas present to your readers here.

    On a related note, I was extremely proud of my 14 year old lad when he fluently delivered a mihi to open his school's prize-giving last week. So cool.

    Wellington • Since Jul 2008 • 830 posts Report Reply

  • Morrissey Breen, in reply to Graeme Edgeler,

    If you get JT, you get Willie too. It's a double act comedy routine they do.

    Northcote Point • Since Dec 2013 • 8 posts Report Reply

  • Myles Thomas,

    Excellent news. Does this reflect MTS extending their brief to non-Maori subjects? That'd be good news for Pakeha and Maori audiences but might create tension with their funders who focus on strengthening the reo.

    Anyway, congratulations to the Media Matters team and MTS, truly a fantastic TV channel.

    Auckland • Since Apr 2011 • 130 posts Report Reply

  • Richard Aston,

    Great news Russell - its a good show and always deserved a good home.
    Any idea of the time slot yet ?

    Northland • Since Nov 2006 • 510 posts Report Reply

  • Phil Sargent,


    Since Nov 2006 • 28 posts Report Reply

  • Francisco Blaha,


    Since Dec 2006 • 18 posts Report Reply

  • Tim Michie,

    Very happy for everyone including you Russell (and me as audience).

    @myles They already do. Looking at Maori TV, most cultures are interested in a large range of subjects anyway. The screening of various countries films especially documentaries free to air would currently be second to none.

    Auckward • Since Nov 2006 • 614 posts Report Reply

  • tony j ricketts,

    wonderful - I don't need Christmas now, it makes my three stars! (Seeing Iris Dement and Donna Dean for the first time are the others) Do I get a change of government next year as well?

    wellington • Since Aug 2012 • 41 posts Report Reply

  • Rebecca Williams,

    Best news! Congrats to all concerned. MTS rocks.

    Auckland • Since Mar 2007 • 120 posts Report Reply

  • wendyf,

    Beyond excellent.

    Christchurch • Since Nov 2006 • 88 posts Report Reply

  • Ian Dalziel,

    I'm guessing Media Brown
    never really had a look-in as a name...
    ;- x

    Welcome back
    and an election year too!!

    Once more unto the breach,
    dear friends, once more...

    ...Stiffen the sinews,
    summon up the blood.


    Christchurch • Since Dec 2006 • 7953 posts Report Reply

  • mark taslov,

    Congratulations Russell, ushering in the golden period, and on a station with mana to boot!

    Te Ika-a-Māui • Since Mar 2008 • 2281 posts Report Reply

  • Gregor Ronald,

    Great news - another step towards Maori TV becoming our de facto national channel.

    Christchurch • Since Nov 2006 • 103 posts Report Reply

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