Hard News by Russell Brown


We're back!

The news is out. The media show I've been fronting for more than six years, let go this year by TV3, is coming back next year -- to Maori Television.

There will be 20 episodes next year of what will now be known as Media Matters. There will be a Maori co-host (we're talking to people) and, as you would expect, attention paid to Maori media and Maori in the media, but it's absolutely a show for everyone interested in media issues.

I haven't been directly part of the many discussions that have led to this happy news, but I would like to acknowledge the support and goodwill of Maori Television's news and current affairs division -- a crew we've always had great respect for.

I can't tell you any more for the time being, but we will be on in a good timeslot.

I'm stoked. And looking forward to spending the summer improving my ease and skills with the reo.

See you next year!

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