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  • Access: Me and my disabled body,

    Shel, mate, I hear you. You have definitely had a rough 2021/2. I too treasure my family support.

    I’m neither proud nor ashamed of my disabled bod. I am proud when I achieve something in spite of it.

    I dislike the pain it causes daily, which sometimes keeps me in bed because fukkit. I dislike the uncertainty that each day brings because different things will hurt for no fucking reason on any given day. I dislike the brainfog that puts me horizontal for 1 hour out of 2 and am immensely pleased when I actually remember something from one day to the next. Post-It notes play a large part in my life.

    I never got the idea around “disability pride”. It seems like “brown eyes” pride to me – it is what it is and just get on with it. But then I never really got queer pride either. I do get it as a reaction to being ashamed of either, as society still indicates we’re supposed to be, but “Woohoo, I’m disabled!” never really struck a chord. And while we are struggle, society is still built for able straight people. It doesn’t bend for us at all. When humans treat humans as beings with dignity and needs, regardless of our individual capabilities, I might start being proud of being human.

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  • Hard News: Closing off a complaint,

    That’s a lot of words to say “Nah, we’re right. Fuck off.”

    While the November memo may not have been released when RNZ wanted it, the matter was public and even the first memo did not indicate that MIQ should be dispensed with immediately, which is what they’re claiming.

    I long ago lost any reverence for RNZ as a brand – Susie Ferguson and Kim Hill are the only presenters I have any respect for and the idiots that Susie has been partnered with prevents me from listening to Morning report, these days. It’s a sad situation that RNZ is still the best of the pack of rats that we call NZ media.

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  • Speaker: New Zealand’s far-right hate…,

    Fuck Carl Bromley and his elk.

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  • Hard News: Family Matters: a post about 2020,

    I guess I’ve been a little insulated from the (justified) existential angst many have been feeling this year. This is how I normally live. Apart from having to queue 2 metres apart to get into the supermarket, Level 4 was barely noticeable for me. I’m not the social type, preferring to connect online and that didn’t change, though it became a lot more strident. What this year revealed for me was the deep streak of stupidity that runs though our country (and many others) and what it revealed in me was an ever-lessening tolerance for its practitioners.

    Kia kaha, Russell and Fiona, and Sunset Sam – oops, I mean James and The One Who Does Not Like Being Discussed.

    Have a great summer.

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  • Hard News: The long road to "Yes",

    Well done, that man and friends.

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  • Hard News: Paula Bennett and the…, in reply to Shaun Lott,

    I've been working on my aim as well.

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  • Access: Bubble of One,

    Thanks for this. My bubble of 1.3 (my cat) is much the same and in a small town where I don't really have anyone to ask anyway. That said, apart from the angst which has been real, my daily life hasn't changed that much as I generally stay at home migrating between the bed and the sofa. Kia kaha, Michelle.

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  • Hard News: A fun but flawed weed documentary,

    I am constantly surprised that people expect well-researched material from a show pony. He is mired in sensationalism and gotcha journalism, which is why I didn't bother watching his programme. You may see it as a good faith effort, Russell, but we need more than "good faith" to get us through to the point of the referendum.

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  • Hard News: Rip It Up: A history of us, a…,

    Kudos to Cammick and all the elves that made RIU happen. It was such good reading (most of the time) even when I didn't agree with the reviews.

    And more kudos to Simon for getting hold of it and letting go again, into the national memory. Well done, that man!

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  • Speaker: The economics of shit speech, in reply to Ian Dalziel,

    But, but, how else will you keep up with the ‘social morays’?

    I'm sure eel manage it somehow.

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