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  • Hard News: Towards the referendum: this…,

    I'm in the 60s+ age group and I would think most of my cohort would be relatively happy for "legalising cannabis for personal use". But there are always fringe elements keen on protecting some conservative angle.

    I hope at the very least that the changes help with scientific research into these topics. It does seem like there are a range of potential medical benefits including better sleep and who doesn't want that ?

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  • Hard News: Michael Baker and the Big House,

    That house was and is a legend. Thanks for the story. I knew Michael as a one of the wider group of student political types on campus in the early '80's. He was very together even then and it won't surprise any from student days that he is excelling in a vital leadership role.

    Others from that wider group included Shale Chambers, Kevin Hague, Eugenie Sage and many others. They were all looking to do the right thing for others and had a grasp on the bigger picture even in their teens. Public service is under acknowledged generally and Michael started early. Thank you Michael.

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  • Hard News: Dealer's Choice, an oral…,

    To add to the archive - an interview from 2011 with Peter Fulcher who was mentioned above

    Peter Fulcher interview - the last days of Mr Asia

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  • Hard News: The Cannabis Legalisation and…,

    As a baker and a gardener I look forward to more interesting recipes and time in the garden.

    I’d be hoping one of the outcomes of the changed supply dynamics might be a lowering of price and something more like the craft beer market where you can select from a range of terribly executed brand ideas.

    The obvious answer to all the politicians is to lie back and think of the taxes and lower crime rates. Less wasted time ( no pun intended but I’ll take it) around legal process etc.

    Anyone who is curious about how Prohibition really works do have a look at that Ken Burns series on Netflix which shows the real world effects of poorly thought out laws.

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  • Hard News: Time for a New Deal: 25 years…,

    Just out of interest - where did the 1994 version actually stop. I'm guessing just after the mention of David Lange but it would be wild if the Fletcher / Clark ref was 1994 instead of today.

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  • Hard News: We have to rethink the annual…, in reply to Russell Brown,

    And that goes back to the discretion issues raised earlier. Some people do and they get caught but because they are not seen as “crims” they are ok.

    Driving a Range Rover when not white is a high risk activity and it shouldn’t be. I.e. not everyone experiences (application of) the law in the same way. We need transitional thinking about upcoming policy changes as well as better recognition of the cultural nuances of law enforcement.

    Legal people prefer some form of test of what discretion would be like. So I agree with Nick from earlier comments – but discretion can be codified and seems like there is an opportunity to do that as part of transition policy.

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  • Access: The long road to real space,

    Neil Gaiman @neilhimself Retweeted Philosopher Bean
    BEAN HAS BEEN OFFERED A LIFETIME SUPPLY OF PEANUT BUTTER IF HE GETS 72,000 RTS TO HIS TWEET. Have a look at the thread to see the full story

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  • Access: The long road to real space,


    Lovely stuff. Being able to make things is wonderful and I trust that Leo carries on with that.

    One of my family members was on the spectrum (actually more than one but another story) but since he grew up in NZ in the 40’s he just had to work out ways of working around the “noise”. I’m simplifying but I think it gets easier as people age although having some form of diagnosis helps everyone.

    I was thinking that the porthole he had was performing music. It was the time when he was most connected to the rest of us. Having something like that as a connector could be useful.

    I wondered if you had read the Steve Silberman book. “NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity” I have had it for a long time and almost finished it now.

    I found it a useful survey of the history and how we have got to a more cohesive understanding of the wonderful possibilities and people.

    But just wondering if you have looked at it. My perception is that there are plenty of human interactions that would benefit from a better understanding of all of this. Undiagnosed health issues are reflected often.

    We say we are getting better at understanding all of this but it is still delicate to talk about in a work situation for example.

    All the best for you and your family and yes there is still plenty of set design work in films. Perhaps less “in camera” work and more special effects but the core skills of being able to make and finish a miniature is a wonderful thing.

    P.S the photo is of my tiny garden. The distinctive 4 leaf thing in the middle is a sunflower which will grow to about 2.5m.

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  • Hard News: Getting serious about the…, in reply to cindy baxter,

    In the US as I understand it the tax revenues and the lower costs of policing had been huge drivers for change. If the NZ number is in the order of $600m which I’d guess is a conservative estimate ( on the tax side) then that is quite persuasive. Surely there are things we can learn from Canada, Colorado, Portugal and wherever. And quite possibly Mexico soon.

    There must also be export possibilities for NZ businesses. If NZ wants to create more higher paying jobs then we need branded and curated products as well as whatever else that comes along.

    "Ten states and Washington, DC have now legalised marijuana for recreational use for adults over the age of 21. And 33 states have legalised medical marijuana."

    from Here’s where you can legally consume marijuana in the US in 2018 also pretty sure they will need to update the list soon as there were some mid term elections votes on related laws.

    As a parent I say untested and unregulated food / beverages / anything is a risk we shouldn't be needing to take. Lets accept that there are some downsides but regulation can mitigate a fair amount of that. Better to know the medical risks and actively manage those.

    I watched an Anthony Bourdain story filmed in Seattle recently and Washington State look to be doing ok. But on legislations lets learn from the mistakes in the U.S states and elsewhere too.

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  • Speaker: What almost everyone is missing…,

    Thanks for this. I found another recent story about the Ockham developer quite illuminating on how this all really works because the connections between land / building costs and markets is not that obvious to most of us.

    Why freeing up more land won't solve Auckland's housing crisis

    In that story notes like this are explained and the need for a change to the formula (in part at least) which is what I'm taking from the Kiwibuild intervention policy.

    "Greenfield developments like Hobsonville, says Todd, are part of the problem. "

    The story goes on to make good points about housing density, shared spaces, better public infrastructure and the various tradeoffs to be had. If Kiwibuild can change the background equation on some of this by encouraging the market in a particular direction then we all benefit but it needs a long term perspective.

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