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Capture: A Funky Good Time

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  • Robyn Gallagher,

    Fave thing - the audience at the Screaming Meemees gig, including the alarmed-looking punk chick and the very sweaty man in a suit. These are quality photos. Thanks for sharing them, Murray!

    Since Nov 2006 • 1946 posts Report

  • Lilith __,

    What an amazing collection! Thank you for sharing it.

    Dunedin • Since Jul 2010 • 3895 posts Report

  • Russell Brown,

    Siouxsie the punk was "pretty" at the low-key motel press conference.

    I did that interview, one of my first as deputy editor of RIU. She was nice and quite forthcoming, as was Steve Severin.

    Robert Smith was guesting on guitar for that tour and I talked to him too, but he was basically incoherent and giggled a lot.

    Auckland • Since Nov 2006 • 22850 posts Report

  • JacksonP,

    The Screaming Blamatics tour

    If this is the tour they played the all ages at Whakatane Memorial Hall, then that was pretty much my first gig, at the ripe old age of 13. Good to have older siblings with taste, who didn't mind me tagging along.

    Auckland • Since Mar 2011 • 2450 posts Report

  • andin,

    Great pics Murray. Are there more?

    I learnt that the music business was a hard grind

    Funny I havent heard Rachel warn the contestants on that piece of shit show about this yet. But one look at Ali C and you can tell those long hours waiting around...... well. Or is that just post success indulging

    raglan • Since Mar 2007 • 1891 posts Report

  • Russell Brown,

    Note a Mr S Grigg in that Screaming Blamatics tour pic.

    Auckland • Since Nov 2006 • 22850 posts Report

  • Aidan, in reply to Robyn Gallagher,

    the very sweaty man in a suit.

    Rhys Darby surely!

    (clearly he is very well preserved)

    Awesome pics.

    I love

    .. the energy and Knox/audidence rapport in the first shot
    .. the "butter wouldn't melt" expression on Graham Brazier's face
    .. the way Bob Marley is looking right at me

    Canberra, Australia • Since Feb 2007 • 154 posts Report

  • Paul James Taylor,

    These are magnificent. I have personal fave that's not here - (I think it's one of Murray's) - the portrait of the Meemees that was a RIU cover, taken in front of the Farmers Santa. For me, an iconic shot of NZ rock n roll.

    auckland • Since Nov 2012 • 1 posts Report

  • Simon Grigg, in reply to Robyn Gallagher,

    Note a Mr S Grigg in that Screaming Blamatics tour pic.

    Forgotten Mo took that! It was unbelievably cold if memory serves. However, it got waaayyy colder as we drove south without adequate heating in the vans.

    As we all know these are but a minute fraction of the extraordinary Cammick archive.

    There are more MC North Shore Netball shots on the Meemees pages here and here.

    If this is the tour they played the all ages at Whakatane Memorial Hall

    No, SBMatics was a follow the Springboks thingy, dates here.

    The Whakatane SHOW was just Meemees wasn't it? Or Meemees and Newmatics?

    Meemees RIU cover

    and the very sweaty man in a suit

    His name was Frank as far as I recall, and he was a helluva nice guy. Anything else is lost in time....

    Just another klong... • Since Nov 2006 • 3284 posts Report

  • JacksonP, in reply to Simon Grigg,

    I thought more than just Meemees, and did see The Newmatics. But they also played Ohope hall around then, I think. 30+ years is a long time ago. ;-)

    Auckland • Since Mar 2011 • 2450 posts Report

  • Graham Dunster,

    Aaah, the NZ telephone with the reversed dial.

    Auckland • Since Nov 2009 • 184 posts Report

  • FletcherB, in reply to Graham Dunster,

    Rumour has it, this was to avoid paying royalties to British Telecom (or whatever it's pre-cursor was named)?

    West Auckland • Since Nov 2006 • 893 posts Report

  • Janet Dawes,

    I am not in Auckland but if I was, I'd be at the ACA Gallery on Sunday. Will some one record it, and post it for the rest of us? Murray?

    Melbourne • Since Nov 2012 • 2 posts Report

  • kiwicmc,

    Hey Murray, looking at these photos it occurred to me that I wanted to thank you for your sterling work with Land of the Good Groove at Zanzibar - those nights remain, however many years later, some of my fondest memories. You reckoned we couldn't dance to Shake by Otis Redding, but we gave it a bash anyway...

    Auckland, New Zealand • Since May 2008 • 88 posts Report

  • Jackie Clark,

    Thank you for sharing those beautiful photos with us, Murray. I particularly like the one of Graham. I never knew him in those days, but I know him well now. He was a beautiful young man.

    Mt Eden, Auckland • Since Nov 2006 • 3136 posts Report

  • Jonathan Ganley,

    Murray Cammick's music photos exhibition AK 75 – 85 opens at Black Asterisk Gallery (10 Ponsonby Rd, Auckland) on Tuesday 1 August 2017 and runs until 22 August 2017. Some of the photos from this Capture post will be in the exhibition. The full catalogue of photos is here.

    The Artist Talk is at Black Asterisk on Saturday 5 August at 2pm.

    Since Dec 2006 • 234 posts Report

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