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Access: Funded Family Care from a recipient’s perspective

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  • Rosemary McDonald,

    So, with very little fanfare (and I would have missed it were I not looking for it) the Mystery of Health published the report into the Targeted Engagement on Funded Family Care.

    I was torn between reading those publications and reading the report into the Thompson and Clark inquiry. I suspicion brain has reached boggle point.

    However. Jo Esplin and the team had a very short time frame for doing this work and they have produced a surprisingly comprehensive report that when read with the survey results provided AND the Paid Family Care Discussion Paper published in April present the very accurate picture that all is way less than rosy for disabled Kiwis and their chosen family carers.

    In fact, it's pretty shit really.

    The report writers acknowledge the level of cynicism (guilty) and do present some options for Sorting This Shit Out...but I fear there will be mere tinkering.

    More later maybe.

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