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We Haven't Forgotten You Christchurch!

Last night we had the utterly excellent Orcon Great Blend Christmas Party in Auckland -- and the week before we had the boozy Public Address book-launch in Wellington. So it would be quite reasonable for the citizens of Christchurch to feel a little deprived in the party-on-dude department.

But please don't -- because we haven't forgotten you, Christchurch! In fact, Russell Brown and Pead PR have nearly given themselves a nervous breakdown organizing an event for you. It hasn't been easy (to put it mildly), but the kind people at No. 4 have come through for us when all seemed lost.

It's another book launch -- but, of course, you don't have to buy a book. Just come along to meet the other Public Address readers, and to drink the completely free Monteith's beer and the cut-price Matawhero wine. In the interests of writerly investigation, I have extensively sampled both, and can assure you that they're extremely excellent.

To remind you of the details: the Christchurch event is at No. 4 (4 Mansfield Avenue, Merivale) this coming Monday (December 7) at 6 pm.

View the official Christchurch invitation here.

It's been an exhausting fortnight of book touring: guzzling down beer and wine, eating in restaurants every night, and -- in Emma's case -- being propositioned by people of both sexes. Talk about arduous.

One of the highlights for me was the interview with Glenn 'Wammo' Williams on Kiwi FM. Not only is Glenn a lovely bloke and a top-notch interviewer (so much so that we stayed yarning to him for nearly an hour after the show), but he is also a genuine radio innovator. His studio is wired for multi-camera video as well as the usual audio -- meaning that you can watch the video mix over a live stream while you listen.

I'm officially predicting that Glenn's radio show is going to be an even bigger deal (on Kiwi FM or elsewhere) in the future. You can watch his interview with Emma and me in the YouTube box below:

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