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17 NOVEMBER 2007
Energy Special, Part 6: The Age of Thermodynamics

Energy Special, Part 5: How Canals and Coal Mines Changed the World

13 OCTOBER 2007
Energy Special, Part 4: How Energy Allowed Britannia to Rule the Waves

Energy Special, Part 3: Energy Crisis in the Roman Empire

Energy Special, Part 2: Palaeolithic Fire

25 AUGUST 2007
Energy Special, Part 1: What is Energy, Anyway?


4 AUGUST 2007
The Pivotal Engine

9 JUNE 2007
A Brief Look At Forensic Linguistics

2 JUNE 2007
Biofuels in New Zealand, Part 2

26 MAY 2007
Biofuels in New Zealand, Part 1

19 MAY 2007
What's the science behind the three most important words in the English language?

12 MAY 2007
What's so astonishing about a new car from Bavaria called the Loremo?

05 MAY 2007
Could the Mysterious Agricultural Techniques of an Ancient Amazonian Civilization Make New Zealand Farming More Competitive?

28 APRIL 2007
New Zealand's Wave Energy Technology programme

21 APRIL 2007
What on earth is a Grätzel solar cell, and why is it so important?

14 APRIL 2007
Will the Pulse Detonation Engine Help to Address New Zealand's 'Air Mile' Issues?

7 APRIL 2007
Is Body Hacking as Thoroughly Distasteful as it Sounds?

31 MARCH 2007
Can Thorium Reactors Solve the World's Energy Problems?

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- One of the thunderclaps during a thunderstorm...