Southerly by David Haywood


The Secret Poetry of Economists

I. PPP-adjusted GDP

You are not a
gross domestic product.
You do not have
purchasing power parity.
Perhaps we should change the subject
as you stand before me,
naked and ravishing,
on Midsummer's Eve.

II. Price Indices

When I see you
with him,
I want to pawn
my best pair of shoes,
and move to
a shit-smelling flophouse,
with all the other
no-good bums,
who gamble at racetracks
with dopers and pimps,
and two-time losers,
and women who look like
Anna Schwartz.

III. Reflections on Creative Destruction

A rival in love
is crushed beneath
the wheels
of a passing ute.
Happiness is ephemeral,
but economic growth
goes on

IV. Neo-Schumpertarian Economics

A strand of your hair
is the Solow Residual;
Your lips are an
endogenous zone.
Some day perhaps
we will lie on the shore,
making love
beneath the Pōhutukawa trees.

V. In Praise of a Decentralized Laissez-faire Economy

Black is the colour
of my love's clothing.
Black as the balance sheet
of Zhou Xiaochuan.
My love has long black hair
that spills over her collar;
a black necklace
that kisses
the nape of her neck.
Black are the tyres
of her boyfriend's wheelchair,
as she pushes him
from a white building
with a red cross.
I open the door
to my tan-coloured ute;
and her warm pink arm
brushes against mine.

VI. Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Modelling

We are impervious
to the Lucas critique;
her dress now lying rumpled
on the floor,
her kisses now upon my mouth,
her thrusting nakedness warm
against my body.
Daylight finds a gap
in the curtains,
and illuminates her heavenly body;
the shafts of sunlight
caressing her breasts.
The bed-sheets are damp with
the sweat of our lovemaking;
and her boyfriend still slumbers on,
sedated in his wheelchair.

   David Haywood's very strange new book 'The New Zealand Reserve Bank Annual 2010' will be released in November 2009.

His previous book 'My First Stabbing' is available here.

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