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E=mc^2... Your Views

We asked Herald readers to post their opinion on Einstein's famous equation.

Marc (Auckland)
Why oh why must we celebrate yet another person who has never contributed to the New Zealand economy? As I understand it, Mr 'Einstein' was employed as some sort of university lecturer. In other words, he never did a stroke of work in his life. And please don't try to tell me that being a Nobel prize-winner is a real job. Why should we believe anyone who hasn't owned a small business in New Zealand?

DavidLucas (England)
What a wanker! As someone who spent 15 years living in Baden-Württemberg (and loving it) before coming home to England, I can safely say it's morons like Einstein who give Baden-Württembergers a reputation here as a bunch of smug, self-satisfied whingers. Get a life !!

Redbaiter (Aranui)
Has anyone else noticed the almost complete indifference of the whole world's population to Einstein's theory? Are all six billion of us to be labelled as "scientifically illiterate"? Surely we can't all be stupid, ill-educated, and in the pay of big corporations?

Spin and empty rhetoric has had its day. Just look at the complete farce of the Helen Clark 'painter-gate' and 'speed-gate' investigations. Einstein's theory is holed beneath the waterline and is sinking. Slowly but inexorably it is being crushed by the forces of reality: economic, political, and last -- and most definitely least -- scientific.

Wake up and sniff the coffee, Einstein!

PaulHenryFan (Tauranga)
Y2K... AIDs... BSE... Bird flu... WW2... yawn... yawn... yawn... Einstein's theory is yet another load of crapola by an over-paid scientist... Trust me, it'll all come to nothing... Every few years, scientists have to invent a new fad to justify their exorbitant salaries... Remember the 'caloric' theory of the 1700s..? Just wait a while and they'll be saying the exact opposite...

WestieBoy (Henderson)
I recently visited the Notre Dame de Paris. What a disgrace! It advertises itself as an architectural wonder. Well, I certainly couldn't see it! It isn't even fully carpeted! It has that old-fashioned joinery (made of wood, I think, not aluminium), and the whole place is divided up with a nave, transept, alter, side-chapels, and so on. There wasn't a spa pool, or anything! My wife made a comment that really summed it all up: "If only the Führer had won the war -- he'd have dealt with the French!".

Anyway, just as we were leaving the cathedral, Einstein's energy-mass equation popped into my head. I was really surprised!

InsolentPrick (Raoul Island)
Guess what, Einstein? I know more about physics than you and I don't get paid a big fat salary with all the perks. Guess what else? I know a bullshitter when I see one. So listen up, Einstein: I don't like your bullshit name, I don't like your bullshit accent, I don't like your bullshit Nobel prize, I don't like your bullshit hair, and I don't like your bullshit DVDs for babies. I could be a fancy physicist if I wanted -- with a big laboratory, and a drivers' licence, and a girl-friend -- but I'm not full of shit. I've got a real job and a real life.

Herb (Wanganui)
This equation is nothing but a scam!! Well, I've got my own theory. Cut all science funding immediately! Simple.

Libz (Wellington)
That's right, sheeple -- dance to the monkey! Close your eyes, and abase your buttocks to Einstein and his Keynesian crypto-Marxist ape-scientists. But ask yourself these questions: why does Einstein hate our freedom? Why does he want to destroy the family unit in New Zealand? Why won't Einstein and his scientist-chimpanzee disciples let the media give the opposing view? Why does he persist in shutting down debate -- even from beyond the grave?

Einstein's politically-correct theory is nothing more than a myth! Not just because it's poppycock, but also because it gives off the brimstone-whiff of socialism. Who is Einstein to dictate how much energy is contained in a given mass? This is a matter that should be decided by a free market!

Will the sheeple perform tricks with their genitalia for the amusement of Einstein and his bonobo-physicist lickspittles? Of course they will -- they've been brainwashed to do nothing else. Wake up, sheeple! I like the light-bulbs I've got right now! Why should I change to bulbs that look different and are uncomfortable to insert?

And so the sheeple dance, dance, dance. And meanwhile, the clever few rats at the top of the garbage heap -- you know who they are -- are filling their snouts with taxpayers' money. But the sheeple don't care! They just do what they're told, blindly worshipping Einstein, and the other puppeteer-monkey scientists.

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