Capture by A photoblog

Upload Guide

Tips for uploading image files.

1) Size matters;  We now recommend you reduce the file size to around 500 kilobytes if possible.  In terms of image size, the images on the Capture gallery pages are 940 pixels wide. Of course if you have a panorama, or wider shot you want to share, these restrictions are just a guide.

Reducing to this size will also make it less likely your high resolution capture will be pilfered for use elsewhere.

2) Add text; The text will show under the image, like a caption, and must be added before the image is uploaded.  No text, no upload.

3) Wait for it:  If you refresh the page before the image has fully loaded, you will have a car park under your image [sic], which might be fun for Mr D, but probably not you.

4) .jpg best; The developers have sorted the JPG/jpg problem, but it is probably safest to use .jpg in general as the file type.

5) Help!;  Use the email link if you encounter further problems.