Ewan's swollen member, and other tales

  • The Doctor,

    This month's Skywatch features a smouldering cover shot of Ewan McGregor, on occasion of Return of the Sith reaching the small screen. But the actor features in a more interesting programme - or at least one you haven't already seen - from this Sunday night.

    The Documentary Channel's 9pm premiere slot on Sunday hosts the first episode of Long Way Round, the seven-part story (moving to 8pm Sundays thereafter) of a motorcycle journey from London to New York - via Western and Central Europe, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Siberia and Canada - undertaken by McGregor and his friend and sometime actor Charley Boorman, to raise money for an awareness of the work of UNICEF.

    There's an annoying and over-engineered official Flash website for the project, but you're better off with the very detailed Wikipedia article about it, which notes the offscreen logistsics that made the journey possible, and records the physical trials it involved. Yes ladies, a flurry of mosquito bites renders Ewan's penis even bigger than usual.

    The IMDB entry for the series is also comprehensive, and includes fan discussion about the music used, which includes Orbital, Massive Attack, Radiohead and Stereophonics, with the last group providing the title track.

    There's also a Wikiquotes page, and a quite a few YouTube clips to view, including the official trailer:

    The beard-biting puppy:

    And an after-match interview with McGregor and Boorman:

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  • matthewbuchanan,

    or at least one you haven't already seen

    Actually, we have seen it (and not via a torrent!). It screened earlier this year on One, mid-week and quite late at night (around 11pm). But that won't stop me from re-watching it from the start, it was funny and surprisingly heartfelt, reality TV done right.

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  • Wammo,

    Yeah when I first saw this (and I think it was on telly last year) it was too late at night so it will be good to catch up on the episodes I missed.

    reality TV done right

    Hmmm do you think apart from the monthly "highlights" it is left up to reality TV to fill the gaps?

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  • Graeme Edgeler,

    Yeah - it's surprising what has screened free-to-air here at some odd hour - although the Doco channel could give some added value and screen the 10 episode "special edition", instead of the standard 7 episode version...

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