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  • Hard News: Public Address Word of the…,


    Burn baby, burn.

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  • Hard News: Everybody has one,

    There is a distinct possibility of a lack of diversity that reflects the populace and instead a dull hum of sameness.

    What happened to Tapu Misa?

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  • Polity: Bridges swims in troubled waters,

    'However, should Labour do it in (say) five years time'

    Horse and cart.
    It's ALL about what Labour did a decade ago.

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  • Up Front: Good Counsel,

    So having just caught the depression/anxiety train...I find myself in the hands of my most wonderful GP. I am happy to take my daily Fluox and CBT will begin as it's offered through the PHO . I am also going to do the cCBT which is free to us all.
    Whatever it takes....

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  • Hard News: The Real Threat,

    Because that tree is going to be getting Tane Mahuta sized pretty quickly..

    Our very close friends, who no doubt help when asked, have a garden big enough.

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  • Hard News: A different kind of country,

    It strikes me that as National has moved from the 'centre', Labour has been dragged to the right too and is now National lite. How else the cognitive dissonance when decrying the Sky deal and enjoying their hospitality?
    Only one Party has been consistent in its opposition from the very beginning and it perhaps time for it to be considered as The Opposition.

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  • Up Front: Another Brick in the Wall,

    Timely post Emma. We visit the nice Lady from the Ministry tomorrow for our first meeting on transition from primary to intermediate school. No doubt it will be the usual labyrinth . ;)

    While I confess to having little or no understanding of how your daughter's disability affects her cognitively, there is more than one way to get her through those literacy credits to achieve Level 1 NCEA.

    The Literacy Unit Standards do indeed require some kind of interaction or conversation but students only need to use these if they can't get 10 Literacy credits through the Achievement Standard pathway. The standards you are referring to are part of the second Literacy pathway for youngsters to get NCEA Level 1. Kids can get Level 1 Literacy through Achievement standards from across the curriculum now and not just in English. If they're doing an Achievement Standard course they need ten credits in Achievement Standards that are tagged for literacy - so that might be a Geography AS or a Science one.

    The bulk of our kids in NZ secondary schools will be getting Literacy through the Achievement Standards. So if a youngster has has some learning difficulties or cannot get up in front of a class or hold a conversation, it doesn't necessarily end there for them. If a student is still able to write a report or study a short story and discuss it in writing in an external exam or do an Earth Science topic as an internal in their science class they can still clock up the required literacy standards throughout the year.

    The subject of English is no longer the gatekeeper of literacy and you'd be hoping that her teachers across the curriculum could be looking at standards she could do that get her the required literacy credits without the stress of speaking or conversing.

    I am not an expert on this and am grateful for the help I received in posting this and I hope it helps allay some of the stress for a while.

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  • Hard News: Christchurch: Is "quite good"…, in reply to Ed Muzik,

    Woah, hold up. You know how you could avoid playing in 3 degrees? Play games in the afternoon.

    When it's five degrees? Sitting facing a southerly is never fun...any time of the day or night. *l*
    I have no problem with day time games. No problem with Sky or the NZRFU helping with the costs for the ratepayer.
    I note in that respect, a comment I came across elsewhere along the lines that the Chch CBD was well in retreat prior to the quakes and that the new green areas reflect that...and also serve to maintain if not increase the value of the rest of the land. Which is nice of the ratepayers of Chch to help the developers maintain their equity whilst increasing the cost of new building. :)

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  • Hard News: Christchurch: Is "quite good"…, in reply to James W,

    You are spot on with the advantages of an enclosed stadium down this way. One down side is that cricket can’t be played in a stadium with a roof. I understand that there are plans for a separate cricket ground, which might yet auger well for a roofed venue happening.

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  • Hard News: Briefing, blaming, backing down,

    Problem is, we have no reliable method of assessing teacher competency in our public schools.

    I understand the most recent PISA results are out and indicate that NZ school children are in the top five country's across the board. And NZ schools are in the bottom five of funding.
    Perhaps the gap between funding and results might be the teacher competency?

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