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  • Hard News: A wretched editorial,

    On ZB I said 2 things. Its her complaint. And she went public to point out the lack of respect victims have. She was then re victimised for being too young, too pretty, too naive and too political. She proved her point. It was an ugly week.

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Love Cat Power,

    The Checks played Bayfield Music in the Field. Time stopped. Awesome band who should have been more revered. I loved Cherokee immediately. Also listening to new Byrne/St Vincent. Brass bands still need something extra to be really cool.

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  • Hard News: Where nature may win,

    I wrote this earlier today

    The nation starts to demand more and more loudly that rescue attempts begin. This is anger born of emotion and is understandable amongst relatives and close friends. But Superintendant Gary Knowles, whose heart is breaking and anger simmering, does not need to be challenged again by people with nothing at stake but a headline. Ultimately it’s been the right thing to do for the men underground. Let’s blunder in there and set the whole thing off again? I don’t think so.

    Other questions will need to be asked.

    3 days to find a spark free robot for reconnaissance? Air samples flown to a distant town for analysis? Repairs needed this year to ventilation fans as conditions underground were worse than expected? The ventilation shaft itself only accessible by helicopter as the mine is under Conservation land? Was this mine really prepared for the worst?

    If things had gone well this year this mine would have produced 170 million dollars in exports. Nowhere near the return of say, “The Hobbit”. I wonder if Gerry Brownlee and the government still thinks mining the Conservation Estate will be our saviour or whether the events of this week, where 29 lives may have been lost searching for minimal returns, has changed his mind?

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  • Hard News: Wanna Route?,

    The greatest no car ride in Auckland starts at the old Mangere Bridge. West on the path beside Kiwi Esplanade. Into Ambury Park. There's a trail past the hides on the coast, round the Mangere lagoon (an old crater), past the shit farm, past Puketutu Island and keep goin south until you hit deserted beaches at Stonefields complete with a shipwreck. The wreck may have been cleared up by now but this is a 20K ride for the whole family WITH NO CARS.

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  • Hard News: Paul Reynolds: A Contribution,

    I met Paul when he was a book reviewer on the Alan Gibbs version of the BBC (and of course working with Murray at Under Silkwood).

    His love of the internet to me was always an echo of his first love for books. His depair at the Whitcoullisation of the book trade echoed in his love of the freedom of the web.

    But most of all I loved the fact that he ran The Mean Fiddler in London for a very long time and it wasn't until his middle life that he embraced the world of words to make a living. I was always proud of the way that he forged a life for himself and his family out of McGovern, after knowing him when times were tough.

    I heard him last week talking about the rise of "Like" and the decline of search engines. He was captivating and now I am heartbroken that neither he nor I knew at the time that his day was coming.

    Paul, I never spent enough time with you, you miserable old bastard.

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  • Field Theory: Though I never liked how…,

    Yesterday Snedden told me that it is not the "official song". That will always be World in Union as the IRB continues to strangle every dime they can while leaving all the risk with Kiwis.

    This is purely the soundtrack to an ad for tickets. So we should all calm down and the sooner we buy all the tickets the sooner it will disappear. It's your responsibility as New Zealanders and music lovers.

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  • Hard News: The Honours,

    Arise Duncan Page. Takaka. For services to brass bands. I like that.

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  • Up Front: Absence of Malice,

    Oooh it's coming back now. We wagged to skateboard. We wagged to go to cricket tests. We wagged to see the queen do a walkabout while under the influence (not the queen). We wagged to check out Rob's new engine in the Holden Special. We wagged to avoid the cross country. We wagged to pull donuts outside St Cuths. I'm trying to remember when I was AT school.

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  • Up Front: Absence of Malice,

    Grammar. 76-80. Wagging. Wagged at 14 to watch a r16 Charles Bronson at the Cinerama (long gone). I blame school/parents/government/cold war/sport/manual training/the church. Me? I'm golden.

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  • Field Theory: The Return,

    According to a head Rebel Sport honcho, in the week they have been available, the grey Crusaders strip is flying out the door. Let's not forget the strip is about sales and not rugby.

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