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  • Peter Cox,

    I've had terrible trouble finding a decent online schedule, but just recently came across this on the TVNZ website (lists all free to air channels, except Maori TV). Nice format too. Beats the hell out of the brappy TVNow guide anyway.

    ...hopefully that link works...

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  • Russell Brown,

    Hey, well spotted. The "epg" in the URL stands for Electronic Programme Guide and it appears to be a web instance of the Freeview EPG. Anyone know how long it's been there?

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  • Graeme Edgeler,

    How long the "epg" has been in the URL I don't know (forever?), but the guide has been in that format since nzoom. It's certainly the on-line guide I use.

    The only thing missing is episode information for non-TVNZ channels - if you want to find out what Simpsons episode is being shown on a particular night you need to go to the TV3 site :)

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  • Peter Cox,

    ah... looks like I'm just slow. Pity it doesn't pop up in google.

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  • jon_knox,

    Ex-colleague had something to do with the following....which is a bit less graphical than TVNZ's (and is not completely unintelligible if using a mobile browser)

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  • Daniel McKenzie,

    The TVNZ guide has been there forever (or at least since relaunched into it's current form some time ago).

    Unfortunately, it does have it's quirks (like the times don't line up correctly, etc). It is quite good none-the-less.

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  • Simonovtich,

    This EPG is pretty much the same one that launched on nzoom in 2001. It will be interesting to see how it evolves over the next year. EPGs seem to be notoriously difficult to get right online.

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  • Jeremy Matthews,

    Personally I prefer the TV Now guide. The vertical layout and the way the times match up with each other helps. The problem is that when it loses a feed for some reason it shows out dated data, instead of just not working like TVNZs offering.

    Someone did write a greasemonkey script to fix up the time matching on the TVNZ site at one stage. I'll have to have a look and see if I can crack it down again.

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  • Richard Phelps, - Gives you a bit more info on what you're watching and what others may think of it as well. From the makers of Idolblog.

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