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Speaker: A gloriously bad film

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  • Danyl Mclauchlan,

    Blimmin' hell. I can't believe I've started a discussion about gender politics in The Room of all things.

    It's Public Address System. If you're not turning every single subject - no matter how fun and whimsical - into a joyless discussion about gender politics you're not using it properly.

    Wellington • Since Nov 2006 • 927 posts Report

  • Islander,

    Geez Danyl - where'd that mouthfart come from?

    Go check some of the other threads- and have a nice cuppa and a wee lie-down, eh?

    Big O, Mahitahi, Te Wahi … • Since Feb 2007 • 5643 posts Report

  • Geoff Lealand,

    Oi, hang on a minute, mate! There is whimsy aplenty on PAS!! Check out David Hayward for starters.

    The problem with watching bad films is that it displaces time you could be spending watching good films.

    Screen & Media Studies, U… • Since Oct 2007 • 2562 posts Report

  • Danielle,

    Danyl, I'm afraid the word 'whimsical' reminds me of librarians doing Lady Gaga parodies, and is therefore verboten.

    Charo World. Cuchi-cuchi!… • Since Nov 2006 • 3828 posts Report

  • Simon Chamberlain,

    @Jake, thanks for mentioning the Prince Charles sells out early - was thinking of heading down tomorrow.

    I'm not sure if Wiseau is misogynist or not; it certainly struck me that he was quite clearly working out his own issues in the film (especially with the 'and now you're sorry! ending).

    London • Since Aug 2007 • 33 posts Report

  • Robyn Gallagher,

    Another thought on The Room and sexism. Yeah, it's sexist, but due to its cult status, the film has been gone over with a finetooth comb by its audiences. Every bit of sexism is called out and mercilessly mocked.

    Compare that with your average Hollywood film, where little sexist moments pass most audiences by.

    But you know the weirdest thing about The Room? It fully passes the Bechdel Test.

    Since Nov 2006 • 1946 posts Report

  • Craig Ranapia,

    Robyn: just because women were shouting out and recognising the sexist bits doesn't make the film any less misogynistic.

    No, and much as I loved Once Upon A Time in America, The Red Shoes and Senso an awe-inspiring amount of craft and technical skill doesn't make a, shall we say, uneasy tendency to work out your Madonna-Whore issues in pubic any less problematic.

    North Shore, Auckland • Since Nov 2006 • 12370 posts Report

  • Ian Dalziel,

    Social satirist slap...

    There is whimsy aplenty on PAS!!
    Check out David Hayward for starters.

    who is dis David Hayward character?
    I'll get Lord Peter Wimsey onto the case...

    I think you mean the incomparable
    David Haywood...

    Just Sayering...
    :- )

    Christchurch • Since Dec 2006 • 7953 posts Report

  • Kirsten Brethouwer,

    It's nice to be part of an audience where you're not obliged to politely applaud, where you can yell and throw things (two of my favourite pastimes). It's a powerful experience when the audience can transform a lame melodrama into a hilarious comedy.

    I'm all for movie audiences being raucous. The first time I experienced anything like it was watching Bad Taste in Vienna, dubbed over in Austrian German. It was the most hilarious experience and the level of audience involvement blew my stodgy stereotype of Austrians out of the water.
    Not on the spoonthrowing level, but still liberating was watching Sex in the City this year. I know. But exactly because of it being rather terrible, the entirely female audience probably felt fine about not holding back on loud interjections. Less hipster. More tipsy suburban mum. But no applauding politely for sure.
    Audience emancipation. awesome.

    Waiheke Island • Since Nov 2006 • 35 posts Report

  • Geoff Lealand,

    who is dis David Hayward character?

    Grovel, grovel, apology, apology, sack-cloth and ashes, get me my hair-shirt... of course I meant the incomparable, incredible, desirable David Haywood!!

    Screen & Media Studies, U… • Since Oct 2007 • 2562 posts Report

  • David Haywood,

    No worries, Geoff. I've had that mistake my whole life -- I'm over being offended!

    Dunsandel • Since Nov 2006 • 1156 posts Report

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