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Hard News: Why we thought what we thought

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  • AndrewH,

    John Armstrong writes his usual non-column today (and as an aside, between awarding Whaleoil and Armstrong can the media awards ever look the world in the face again..?). But the comments running probably 80% anti-Key, including multiple wondering when Armstrong's going to take an actual stand for some accountability, which he seems to have no problem demanding of other politicians.

    Wellington • Since Nov 2008 • 33 posts Report

  • Joe Wylie, in reply to Steve Curtis,

    If you had delved down through the comments on Brian Edwards blog like you said, you would have seen classic Slater trying to misrepresent what Edwards said and then Brian doing a ritual halal on him.

    I’m not sure what you’re attempting to say here. If you’re making out that I’m trying to hang something on Edwards, beyond his being a bit too full of himself through the whole episode. then please appreciate that I’m NOT. As you’ve probably discovered, there are a number of posts there relating to the Hotchins from that period, with further comments from Whaleoil – or someone purporting to be him. As Hager’s book has revealed, not everything that appears under his byline is necessarily his own work.

    flat earth • Since Jan 2007 • 4593 posts Report

  • CJM, in reply to AndrewH,

    The Herald's comments system is close to collapse. They are getting such negative responses to their various attempts at denial of complicity that they can not be moderated/censored quickly enough. Yesterday's editorial ceased taking comments at 11.11am. Armstrong's seems to be stuck at 9.30 this morning.

    Auckland • Since Aug 2014 • 107 posts Report

  • Ian Dalziel, in reply to AndrewH,

    (and as an aside, between awarding Whaleoil and Armstrong can the media awards ever look the world in the face again..?)

    Canon fodder...

    Christchurch • Since Dec 2006 • 7953 posts Report

  • CJM,

    Deb Hill Cone frantically justifying her friendship with Odgers in today's Horald. Apparently Odgers is a bloody decent sort, handing out stuffed bears and sage advice. Little miss understood.

    Auckland • Since Aug 2014 • 107 posts Report

  • Roger Lacey, in reply to Sacha,

    Hear Boag spinning like a top and Hooten having a real go at her on Radio Live.

    That's not spinning, that's sustained loss of traction by both of them. I could almost smell the rubber smoke coming out of the radio.

    Whatakataka Bay Surf Club… • Since Apr 2008 • 148 posts Report

  • A C Young,

    I just read the DHC column in the herald suggesting that Cathy Odgers is lovely (and kind of skating over CO sniggering about someone's potential murder).


    Wellington • Since Feb 2011 • 35 posts Report

  • Nick Russell, in reply to Phil Wallington,

    Phil - I don't think she has a NZ practising certificate, so there may not be much the Law Society can do.

    Wellington • Since Jul 2008 • 129 posts Report

  • nzlemming, in reply to Nick Russell,

    Phil – I don’t think she has a NZ practising certificate, so there may not be much the Law Society can do.

    You might think that but no.

    [Edit] though I note she doesn't appear in the search results...

    Waikanae • Since Nov 2006 • 2937 posts Report

  • Alfie,

    The hacker has released more Slatergate data - this time it's a pile of social media conversations and emails between Collins and Slater.

    The conversation - if accurate - shows the blogger discussing the expected release of intelligence information with Ms Collins, a Cabinet minister, before the SIS had released it.

    Dunedin • Since May 2014 • 1440 posts Report

  • Angela Hart,

    As a lay person I think the Law Society has a bit of a job on it's hands: Jordan Williams, Judith Collins, and Cathy Odgers all need looking at. No question about bringing the profession into disrepute.

    Christchurch • Since Apr 2014 • 614 posts Report

  • James George,

    If the Law Society has a minimum age for membership, that is what they should use to get rid of these fleas.
    I have just been reading the Hotchin file and the one thing which comes across is the almost painful immaturity of the protagonists.
    Lame homophobia reminiscent of 12 year olds showing off on a vid gaming board. Continual references to to penises and their size or lack of it, seem to be the most recurring themes in a thread totally bereft of either original insights or sound strategic thinking.

    As for Odgers - that's a woman (or 'chick' as she describes herself) whose issues around sexual relationships are telegraphed to the reader via her continual frequently irrelevant sexual references.
    I imagine blokes or blokettes or whatever, shoot through fairly fast once they work out exactly how messed up she is.

    Odgers insinuates she has Fran O'Sullivan at her beck & call with several references to feeding 'Fran' stuff or 'Fran says' etc. It is difficult to tell whether Odgers actually has O'Sullivan under her thumb or she is just reading the O'Sullivan articles and doing a spot of adolescent 'big-noting'.

    Whichever it is APN needs to have a massive clean out after this. O'Sullivan's seeming inability to maintain objectivity on issues where readers need unvarnished facts should be reason enough to put her and a swarm of other 'senior' journos out to pasture.
    Right wing corporate cowboys like O'Sullivan may have been fair enough on the NBR back in the Coleman days but they have no place in a fishwrap striving to be considered a serious member of the Fourth Estate.

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  • simon g,

    Here's Key's problem:

    Collins can be sacked from Cabinet. But not from Twitter.


    Oh dear.

    Auckland • Since Nov 2006 • 1333 posts Report

  • Ian Dalziel, in reply to simon g,

    Oh dear

    She sounds so sure of herself…

    Judith Collins ‏@JudithCollinsMP 22m
    @avancenz I have no recall nor any record of any such conversation. So I presume them to be forgeries unless proven otherwise.

    …unless proven otherwise
    ha ha ha…

    Christchurch • Since Dec 2006 • 7953 posts Report

  • Paul Williams,

    Remarkable lack of judgment! Sacked from Cabinet and surely advised to get out of the media, Ms Collins heads to twitter? Does National have whips?

    Sydney • Since Nov 2006 • 2273 posts Report

  • John Farrell, in reply to Paul Williams,

    And boots, and gags, and dog leads...

    Dunedin • Since Nov 2006 • 499 posts Report

  • Alfie,

    Good grief! Bernard Hickey became a target for Slater, Odgers and Graham when he was setting up his non-profit journalism site. This quote from Odgers echoes her now familiar tone.

    This new website is a vehicle for the left. ... a one stop SuperBlog of whining high-pitched left-wing c**** calling for higher taxes and a left-wing government'.

    And here she is inventing lies for distribution. Her registration with the Law Society must be surely hanging by a thread.

    Goss you can spread is Chaston wants 3-4m for interest.co[.nz] and Hickey asked for equity and got refused. They are managing his transition so BNZ and other sponsors don't walk/get jitters.

    Dunedin • Since May 2014 • 1440 posts Report

  • Paul Williams, in reply to John Farrell,

    Indeed. What does it say, though, about Key that a day after he sacks a Minister to get on message, she's back off message?

    Sydney • Since Nov 2006 • 2273 posts Report

  • Amanda Wreckonwith, in reply to Alfie,

    I thought the 'Goss' on Chaston was redacted in the the whaledump documents...
    Interesting that Stuff chose to release it.
    Lower standards?

    Since Sep 2012 • 171 posts Report

  • R A Hurley, in reply to A C Young,

    I just read the DHC column in the herald suggesting that Cathy Odgers is lovely (and kind of skating over CO sniggering about someone’s potential murder).

    It's a doozy, isn't it! She's just a "naughty girl" who indulges in "stirring" when bored! What an adorable little scamp she is, ruining lives for pay...

    Wellington • Since Nov 2006 • 63 posts Report

  • Euan Mason, in reply to Angela Hart,

    With everyone else, Palmer, the opposition, even Hooton, calling for a proper wide ranging and independent inquiry, do you think Key can still avoid it? Surely he has to capitulate, which would mean it’ll happen after the election. If not, it shows up some of the issues we have with the structure of our “democracy"- seriously inadequate checks on those in power. A limited inquiry will fool no-one and surely risk alienating honourable Nats, just digging a deeper hole.

    We should also question the wisdom of allowing the GCSB to spy on NZers, given that Key says everyone talks to attack bloggers, and so "Ratf**king" political opponents is therefore perfectly acceptable behaviour in NZ.

    Canterbury • Since Jul 2008 • 259 posts Report

  • Sacha, in reply to Roger Lacey,

    sustained loss of traction


    Ak • Since May 2008 • 19745 posts Report

  • Rich Lock, in reply to Ian Dalziel,

    Canon fodder…

    Loose Canons? They do appear to be rolling around all over the gundeck of the good ship National, causing all sorts of chaos.

    Although 'loose Canons' sounds more like something you might get after eating the bad parts of your Curate's egg.

    back in the mother countr… • Since Feb 2007 • 2728 posts Report

  • Sofie Bribiesca,

    Hooten shooten What a dickwad.

    here and there. • Since Nov 2007 • 6796 posts Report

  • David Hood,

    …unless proven otherwise...

    I am ignorant of the law, but I would have thought that if there was anyone with the resources and legal authority to require the logs from the third party in this (Facebook) for a conversation at a known time and date, it would be the Inspector General of the SIS investigating the leaking of classified documents. In fact, if everyone denies everything, I would say this is a logical step in a thorough investigation.

    Dunedin • Since May 2007 • 1445 posts Report

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