Hard News by Russell Brown

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Hard News: Violence in the streets

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  • Alec Morgan,

    “New prob”? don’t think so, which interested me in this piece of RB’s.

    The shortlived punk clubs and offshoots in 70s early 80s Auckland sure had their stompings. Examining sub cultures is akin to looking at trotskyite left sects, a new tendency pops up sooner rather than later. Who is going to whack you and why changes by the nite.

    How much do they want to hurt you? Heaps, as much as possible, I would have said in the 70s. I was in the Queen St car culture and a mate of mine was beaten terribly, with brain damage, when he stupidly went alone into the “wrong” bar at the Rhumba Bar being Maori and all. It is still the same for the numb bashers of today.

    Punk? Skin? shaved/hawk? Docs laced how? Steelies? most genuine fans but some genuine thugs. Several well known heavs created fear and broken noses at these venues and after grog ups that had little to do with the expected spirit of the music. Almost parasitic bashers one could say.

    My advice–watch body language and context, and don’t get slaughtered in public places unless you have a reasonable contingent.

    Tokerau Beach • Since Nov 2006 • 123 posts Report Reply

  • DexterX, in reply to Chris Miller,

    Anyone who doesn't think this shit happens needs to get their head out of their arse.

    Agreed and and those that justify this shit need to stick there heads back up there and stay home - Warrior Culture as an excuse nonsense - it is not the way of the warrio - these pope were not warriors.

    Auckland • Since Nov 2006 • 1224 posts Report Reply

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