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Wigging out

Thanks go to Evan, who has pointed out that in my TV review in the Listener, I said that the Shortie nurses should have purple Space 1999 wigs to go with their new uniforms, when in fact it should be purple UFO wigs. Oops, my geek credentials are totally ruined right now. Although I still think the wigs would be a good idea.

Emmy nominations always simultaneously delight and annoy. EW thinks they’ve blown it again by not recognising The Wire, only one of the best series ever made.

Another Sunday to Wednesday effort; more to come. Highlight: Flight of the Conchords on Letterman on Tuesday.

Update: Zap2it.com has details on how to get Jemaine's look.

Another update: OMG, was not expecting another murder on Shortie, but I have my suspicions as to whodunnit: Steve the orderly.

Top Gear (Prime) is a Winter Olympics special, featuring cars v humans and 10 Suzuki Swifts playing five-a-side hockey.
• Really looking forward to Persuasion (TV1). Sally Hawkins was really good in Fingersmith; Rupert Penry-Jones is apparently ”torso of the week” and it’s the return of Rupert Giles, in breeches. Huzzah!
• It’s CSI: Miami’s 100th episode. EW’s Michael Slezak thinks it’s a guilty pleasure; Salon’s Heather Havrilesky discusses the CSIs here.
Artsville (TV1) features Andris Apse.

60 Minutes (TV3) has stories about a guy stopped with a bucketload of Ecstasy at Auckland Airport who says he was doing it to save the life of his kidnapped sister in Baghdad; politically incorrect campaigner Rick Berman, who is also known as Dr Evil; and cerebral palsy sufferer Rick Hoyt who has had a university education and who, with the help of his father, runs marathons.
• Writer, director and actor Paolo Rotondo is in the studio to discuss short film Dead Letters on Maori TV’s Iti Pounamu.
• Actor Bruce Willis, San Antonio Spurs star Tony Parker and diving dogs demo on 53rd Street on Letterman.

• The series Who Do You Think You Are? (UKTV) is really good, although this is the first series from 2004. Tonight features British newsreader Moira Stuart.
• Damn you Outrageous Fortune (TV3), you made me cry last Tuesday! Although – yay – Pascalle’s back, plus, Munter and Kasey are at it like knives!
• Great episode of Battlestar Galactica tonight; watch the Comic Con San Diego panel with the lay-dees here.
• Actor Denis Leary and musical guests Flight of the Conchords on Letterman.

Primeval finals, shame. However, there will be more. Tonight, the predator is from the future and is smarter than your average dinosaur, although sadly does not have a jet pack. Or a purple wig.
• Actor Kevin James, chef Jose Andres and musical guests White Rabbits on Letterman.

Stuck on You (TV3) isn’t bad.
Morvern Callar (Rialto) is a modern classic, according to Philip in the Listener.
• Actor Don Cheadle, summer toy demonstration, musical guests Smashing Pumpkins and a Top Ten List presented by Wimbledon champion Venus Williams are on Letterman.

• So many laughs in Project Runway (TV3); they have to design for the “everyday woman” tonight. The whole, hi-larious episode is recapped here.
• In theory, Matt Damon is on Rove (TV3)
• Alan Carr carries on the great tradition of camp British TV presenters on The Friday Night Project (TV2).
Elvis Presley’s 68 Comeback Special is on Prime.
Fear, Stress and Anger is really dreadful, according to the Guardian’s Sam Woollaston.
Lord of War (Sky Movies) is directed by New Zealander Andrew Niccol. There’s a brilliant opening sequence.
• Actor Robin Williams and Julie Chen, host of the CBS’ Big Brother 8, are on Letterman.

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