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Television hell

The local television industry was rocked today by the news that VHS tapes of a sitcom missing for nearly 30 years have been found. Mr C Blondini, of Wadestown, made the discovery while clearing out a shed at the back of his garden.

“I was just moving this big pile of crap that’s been in there since we moved here in 1975,” said Mr Blondini, “when I saw the tapes under some bits of an old Mini Cooper. They still played okay, although the lighting’s rubbish due to some tape deterioration.”

The sitcom features the exploits of a group of employees of a backpacker hostel whimsically called Paradise. Television historian Keith Wellington said it was a fine example of comedies from the era and was a contemporary of classics such as Gliding On and Buck House.

The tapes have been handed over to film experts for safe keeping until it is ascertained who owns the rights. “We’ve had a few calls already,” said archivist Ms L Tawa. “Can you just wait? I’m getting another one now.

“Shit, that was 1979 calling. It wants its sitcom back.”

• It’s the first part of a two-part finale for The Closer.
EW Popwatch blog writer likes It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (C4), although Gillian Flynn gave it a C.
Dead Like Me (Prime) finishes with a two-parter tonight. Callum Blue is really effing excellent in this; he can now be seen in The Tudors. There’s a Dead Like Me movie and, fanboys, Ellen Muth is going to be at Armaggedon.
Blackpool is on UKTV. Here’s a 2005 interview with David Morrissey.

• Maori TV has the Breakers’ games, they play the Taipans tonight.
Inside New Zealand (TV3) is about Kiwi mercenaries in Iraq.
• Philip at the Listener gave Tarnation (Rialto) a 10.
The Mighty Boosh (C4) first went out on the internet in 2005 before being broadcast on BBC3. They have 62,566 friends on MySpace.
20/20 (TV2) has stories about a dude who had a four-year fight with the IRD; gets thee to a nunnery with three young women interested in the life; why people believe in lucky charms; homeless conjoined twins; and news bloopers that go international on the interweb.
Fawlty Towers (TV1) starts with episode eight, “The Psychiatrist”.
• Self-help guru Dr. Phil, comedian Andy Kindler and musical guest Suzanne Vega on Letterman.

• OMG! It’s the first part of the two-part finale of Project Runway. Read the TWoP recap after viewing.
Bonkers (TV1) looks bad.
Rove has got the guys from Superbad.
• Actor Viggo Mortensen, tattoo artist/reality television star Kat Von D, musical guest Daughtry and a Top Ten List presented by 10 NASCAR stars on Letterman. Good reviews for Viggo’s latest film, Eastern Promises in which he fights in the nuddy. Here's an interview with him and director David Cronenberg.

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