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Pathetic, not

Look at me! I'm doing another blog! Weee! Scoring fairly low on the Scale of Patheticness too, as I've only managed to miss Saturday and there wasn't much on anyway. Well done to throng for getting the number of complaints received by TV3 over Deal or No Deal. Here's something for TV insiders to think about. Highlight for the week: Heroes final, you lucky little geeks. No more until September, but Tom Kring is now the golden boy. He talks about the spin-off, Heroes: Origins here

The Guardian's Sam Woollaston liked Murder in the Outback (TV1).
It's a regular old Angel/Buffy reunion on How I Met Your Mother (TV3)
Weird how Jericho (TV3) got a reprieve.
Magik and Rose (Maori TV) gets a seven from Philip Matthews in the Listener.

Heroes on TV3 literally goes off: it's the final and it's enough to make someone just explode! Read this after seeing the episode, although it's fair to say there was some disappointment out there in criticland.
It's also the final of Bones (TV3); don't worry, it's been renewed for a third season. Here's some E! Channel video of Emily D and David B, but careful about the text, there's a spoiler about Angela and Hodgins which, damn it, I just read.
Man Stroke Woman starts on TV1.

Quite Ugly One Morning is on Railto, stars Irishman James Nesbitt in a role created by Scottish author Christopher Brookmyre.
The Rich List on TV1 will have fewer breasts than Deal or No Deal, the merits of which you may wish to discuss.
See Great Barrier Island through the filter of British reality TV: Castaway starts on TV1. Didn't do so well in Britain.

It's the final of eye-candy Las Vegas (Prime). Josh Duhamel can next be seen in Transformers.
Ben takes Locke to see Jacob on Lost (TV2); it's a shocker and it also explains Hurley's Dharma Bus. Read this and this after watching "The Man Behind the Curtain".

OMG, The Sopranos starts finally on TV1, its last season. Here's a charming retrospective of the best whackings.

Tony Robinson, aka Baldrick from Blackadder, has a new gig: The Worst Jobs in History. Naturally, it's on the History Channel (9.30pm); Victorian era this week.
Flying Nun documentary Heavenly Pop Hits repeats on Documentary Channel at 10.30pm. Here's a press release from May.

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