Radiation by Fiona Rae

Kick-ass action chicks in their underwear

Sometimes I think Alias only exists to show Jennifer Garner in her underwear. Or a bikini – did you see that on Tuesday? The panning shots, the slo-mo. If the acting thing doesn’t work out for her, there’s a great career awaiting at Victoria’s Secret or Sports Illustrated.

Ah well, in these post-Buffy times we have to get our thrills somewhere and Alias has the Buffy metaphor thing going: stuck in a life she desperately wants out of, an unattainable boyfriend (that is until she, er, attained him this week), distant father, the fate of the world at stake. And the yearning, always with the yearning.

Bennie disagrees however:

How come we get endless episodes of Alias with a bored looking actress walking around and getting beaten up all the time, yet Dark Angel, simply the best action-chick-beats-up-guys show since Buffy gets two series left with a huge cliffhanger and then relegated to Sky? I don't dislike my parents or anything, but seeing them every week just to watch Sky is getting on my tits.

Actually, I thought Dark Angel was a typical James Cameron load of old bollocks, but to each his own kick-ass action chick. You could check out which episode you’re up to at this guide at tvtome.com, Bennie.

I usually get the guest list for Letterman each week from Prime, tonight it’s Matthew Perry and Lou Reed. Tomorrow (Friday), Johnny Knoxville and The Walkmen, Monday (5th) The Rock and Liz Phair, Tuesday and Wednesday are TBA, Thursday (8th) is Bruce Willis and a wolf rescue lady, and Friday (9th) is comedian Jimmy Fallon and Britney Spears. Prime also says that we’re two days behind, so if you go to the website, you can work it out. Unfortunately, we missed Janet Jackson last night.

Kris Lane would prefer to see The Daily Show, however:

Something that we never see over here in New Zealand but I'm sure it would be much better than David Letterman's fawning on Prime would be The Daily Show.

I like the internet combined with TiVo with one women's BLOG on media gets us a whole heap of topical QuickTime clips to crack up over -- www.onlisareinsradar.com.

Supported in part by Archive.org, who provide bandwidth and have the mean task of archiving the internet and moving image (they have George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead available for download).

It's a great use of the internet that is freely available (not a great thing for my Jetstream bill though).

But on the case of TiVo, I want one that could work without straining my frontal lobe to get it to work with the NZ infrastructure.

Some bloke called Russell Brown wrote about TiVo in his Listener column recently. We’ve been loaned one, but can’t get it to see our Sky decoder. Plus, its proximity to the TV screen caused that “gaussing” effect or whatever it’s called, when a magnet gets too close to the screen. Besides, have you seen the weekend papers? Chock-full of ads for PVRs which all have timeslip capability. It won't be long before they're selling them at the supermarket.

Lastly, both networks are rescreening interviews with Michael King. TV One’s is the Kim Hill interview on Friday at 10.15pm, TV3 screens the John Campbell Home Truths interview on Sunday 10.30pm.