Radiation by Fiona Rae

I Blame the Parents

On the one hand, it seems playing video games might actually be good for your kids (phew!) as this story and this story reveal, but on the other, they’re going to need specs to play them, which should at least keep one sector of the market happy: opticians.

In a strange bit of synchronicity (or is synchronicity always strange?), number one son recently failed an eye test at school and is now the wearer of a new pair of cool, lightweight, blue-framed specs. Which means, of course, that his myopia is another thing that is my fault. Bad parent. Although there is another theory, which I prefer, that’s it’s all just a conspiracy to make parents feel guilty. Yes. That’s more like it.

The Angelverse shrinks to almost nothing after tonight’s season four final, which I’m looking forward to and not looking forward to. It means no more new Angel for a while, as TV3 has replaced it with season six of Buffy. Why? I don’t know. But could I do with seeing the musical episode again? Absolutely.

Another series that ends soon is 24, which has been pretty darn good in its final few hours. They did it by emotionally compromising as many characters as possible. It’s like State of Origin: This is Personal! You’ve gotta love Chloe (nicknamed Potato Face by Television Without Pity. Kim Bauer is Spawn, as in Hell Spawn), who is so tactless she’s hilarious. Teevee.org’s Nathan Alderman has some interesting thoughts on the women of 24, who he thinks are treated badly. I dunno, I don’t think anyone comes off all that well. No one is innocent. Jack Bauer’s a murdering bastard really, all in the name of national security.

Can’t get enough of The Donald? He plans to launch a magazine. I guess it worked for America's first black woman billionaire.

There’s been quite a bit of critical frothing going on in the US about Deadwood, a western on HBO that stars, among others, Ian McShane who, in a previous incarnation, was granny fave Lovejoy. The main reason for the publicity is that Deadwood is loaded with cussin’. Someone I know has seen a couple of eps and says it’s more profane than The Sopranos.

I’d tune in for a John McEnroe-fronted interview show. Who wouldn't?

The Secret Life of Us versus The Insiders Guide to Happiness debate continues with Shaun who comments:

I think it should be taken into account that The Secret Life of Us is in its third (?) season now and has had a longer time to grow into itself, develop characters etc etc. I remember watching the first series and thinking, “an Australian friends but a bit edgier” once again proving that Australia is little more than a USA with training wheels. The Insiders Guide I consider good TV, not just good local TV, a great use of the medium, well scripted and very well shot, it never lets you get too comfortable.

Thank you Shaun, I agree. I really like the way Insiders is filmed, and good music, too. I like the way it came full circle a couple of weeks back when they went back in time to the accident. Dunno if they’re doing another series yet, though, and there is a air of conclusion about the series. It’s going somewhere and there will be an ending. Speaking of good music, Secret Life used a Datsuns song last week again – although no-one was wanking this time.

A schoolkid has written asking for an address to write to David Beckham, which is not as easy as I thought it would be. Any ideas anyone?

Lastly, the Letterman list looks like this: Kristin Davis and Ali G tonight (14th); Will Smith and Jet 15th; Hillary Duff and Jonathan Ames 16th; Cedric the Entertainer and surfer Laird Hamilton 19th; Julianna Marguiles and Ashlee Simpson 20th; Denzel Washington 21st; Halle Berry 22nd; Sharon Stone and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs 23rd; Matt Damon and The Hives 26th; and Brittany Murphy and comedian Paula Poundstone 27th.