Radiation by Fiona Rae

Can we talk?

Unusually, there were a couple of responses to my last column in e.g. about stuff that's been annoying me on television lately. I say unusually because I didn't think anyone actually read those columns, and hardly anyone ever bothers to email me about them, unless it's to complain.

David Bott complained that Judy Bailey's voice has become nothing better than a screeching canary and also asked why TV One's weather presenters occasionally appear in different places around the country to present the weather, which is a very good point. The saddest time was when Kay had to do the weather from Matamata, the home of Hobbiton, when nearly all the other presenters were living it up on the red carpet interviewing Elijah and Liv for the world premiere of Return of the King in Wellywood. I'm sure she's too nice to say, but I know a few thoughts about where I'd have liked to insert Anduril into my news director would have been crossing my mind had I been her.

It's not just weather presenters either: Tony Veitch had to shout (at least he's good at that) the sports news over the racket being made by The Crusty Demons at Western Springs last weekend.

Chris Barry emailed to say he and his mates were also annoyed about TV3 screening season two of Angel, but did I know that they were now showing season four? I'd been told by the PR department that they were showing season two and wasn't bothering to watch, but TV3 switched a few episodes in to the new episodes. We all missed it, of course.

Happily, TV3 were good enough to send me tapes, but unhappily, didn't bother to reply to Chris's emails. Just as well we're fangeeks, and can swap tapes, then.

But I digress, which is possibly what this blog should be called, because the real reason for starting Radiation is to see if anyone's interested in a TV dialogue. Let's start the discussion. We don't have to have an inquiry or anything, just air our views. Most people have something to say about television, although if you write to say "It's all crap" that probably won't count. You have to say why.

Also welcome: your favourite TV sites, interesting stories you've found, anything fun or illuminating. Let's talk: the phone lines are open.