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Video special: Jim's favourite psychopaths

It makes me happy that part of my son's work each week is creative. It's been that way since the mighty Bridgeway Cinema extended his duties from cleaning and stacking to producing a weekly vlog-style bulletin showcasing what's on over the bridge in Northcote Point.

But by its nature This Week at the Bridgeway has to be pretty straightforward, and I have been missing his more colourful evocations of movie fandom. I suggested he might want to work on something more adventurous again. Turns out, he did. I wondered what he was doing in his room ...

Here is a video that I’ve been working on for a while now. It’s a list of psychos from my three favourite media: movies, video games and anime. I meant to get this done by Hallowe’en, but it took a longer than I thought it would.

If you still have some spooky left in you, and if you’re not too squeamish, then please check this out.

I won't spoil it, but the way Jim embodies the theme is very funny.

Psycho and The Shining are there, but Jim's analyses of anime titles and games like Grant Theft Auto are also pretty interesting. And the fact that the sweetest toung man in the world is telling you about all this terrible stuff underlines the fact that these too have themes and stories – and that their fans know the difference between fiction and reality.

James Rae Brown is @kiwiinspace on Twitter and thekiwitree on Tumblr.

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