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Talking @Splore

As I've noted here already, I'm curating and presenting a talk programme at this year's Splore festival, February 20-22. It's diverse and busy and I'm very happy with how it has come together. The programme will run on Saturday and Sunday from 10.30am at two different venues on the festival site.

(I talked about it with the excellent Esther Macintyre on 95bFM and I'm happy to say she liked it so much she signed on as stage manager.)

The two days have respective themes. The Listening Lounge on Saturday is basically news-you-can-use; and my starting point for Art & Soul on the Sunday was "secular church". In Art & Soul, I'll be talking to people not only about their work, but about the things around that work. For instance, Sam Scott from the Phoenix Foundation will muse on having a normal family life while being in a band, artist Marcus McShane and I will enthuse about creative cycling and Tourettes will talk about old Grey Lynn and living and working with a chronic illness.

If you're coming to Splore, do come by and visit. If you're thinking about coming to Splore, you still can!



SATURDAY at the Living Lounge

10.30 - 11.00 KNOW WHERE YOU STAND

Tapapakanga Regional Park, the home of Splore, is part of an area with a long and significant history. The multi-talented Te Ahukaramū Charles Royal will open The Listening Lounge. Charles’ family owns the farm immediately to the south of the Splore site and he will tell the stories of the land and its people (Ngati Paoa and Ngati Whanaunga) – and look forward to the future of a “new indigeneity” and the “deep identification” with the land that should be key all New Zealanders’ identity.


Splorers talk about their enterprises and making a better world in lightning Pecha Kucha format.

- Dave Watson, Greenshoot Pacific

- Ryan Everton, Globelet.com

- Sam Gribben, ex Serato, now various music-tech startups

- Patrick Reynolds, TransportBlog


What's the state of music? And where is mix culture at? Moderator Russell Brown, Serato co-founder Sam Gribben and Splore headliner Mr Scruff go looking for the love.


New Zealand's biggest city is emerging from decades of poor planning and low imagination. But as the city gets its head up, it's a good time to talk about what Auckland could be.

- Patrick Reynolds, TransportBlog

- Zoe Lenzie-Smith, Generation Zero

- Ross Liew, Cut Collective and Auckland Council public art advisory committee

- Amanda Wright, Greenshoot Pacific



SUNDAY at The Splace, far end of the beach by the lagoon, past The Beach House.

10.30 - 10.50  Samuel Flynn Scott, the Phoenix Foundation

10.50 - 11.20 Hilary Ord, secular celebrant

11.20 - 11.40 Marcus McShane, artist and cyclist

11.40 - 12.00 Eddie Johnston aka Race Banyon aka Lontalius, musician

12.00 - 12.20 Dominic "Tourettes" Hoey, poet and musician


There's a whole lot more on, of course, including Roy Ayers on Friday evening and a four-hour set by Mr Scruff on Sunday. Come along!

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