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Ready for the Weekend

I love the new Hot Chip Chip album, and I'm over the freakin' moon about the new Peter Serafinowicz-directed video for 'I Feel Better''. I won't attempt to describe it: just go look.

Meanwhile, it cannot go unremarked that three of the five finalists in the Music category of South By Southwest Web Awards were New Zealand sites.

Take a bow:

Fat Freddy's Drop TV.


And Splore.

The actual winner was Echo & the Bunnymen.

Looks like Flash welcome pages are the way to the SXSW judges' hearts. Don't tell Steve Jobs though.

The Verlaines are playing at the Montecristo Room tonight. I should be getting along there after a chaps' outing to the rugby. I would be greatly obliged if the Blues not only won, but also played some rugby worth watching.

Weirdest album preview evar? Holy Fuck streamed 'Latin America' from their forthcoming album Latin live on Chatroulette this week. Fortunately, they've now also made it available for free download as an MP3.

Did you know that the 3Ds' Dave Saunders and novelist Rachael King used to be in a band together? My buddy Andrew Moore has posted a long-lost clip of the Battling Strings, from 1986, probably.

And here's one for Alex Chilton. RIP.

Meanwhile, sorry to bang on about this, but last night's Media7, on Asperger's and autism in the media, is online for your viewing pleasure and I'm quite proud of it. The extra-nice thing is that our older son, Jimmy, who's Asperger, came in for the recording on Wednesday evening, met people, sat in in the control room (he's just started a screen production and performance course), met people, chatted and had a fine time. That fade-to-black at the end? Jimmy did that. There's also a list of further information and links on the topic in a blog I wrote for our TVNZ website.

You could vote for us as "best show" in the Freeview Awards ...

Make like it's Friday ...

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