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Media3: PIF, Paralympics, and a journalist goes campaigning

I didn't expect when we decided on the Pacific Islands Forum as a topic for this week's Media3 that things would go quite this way, but there's much more about the event and the media's role in it to discuss with our guest, Radio New Zealand International reporter Megan Whelan.

The proper place of Fiji -- in or out of the forum? -- was a key story again, although the presence of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton threatened to overshadow all else. I'll be talking more with Megan about the realities of covering the Forum, and where the real action happens for journalists -- which doesn't tend to be in the big set pieces.

We'll also be looking at Paralympics coverage -- or, rather the lack of it -- with Attitude's Tanya Black and sports journalist Richard Boock. The central fact of the whole event has been the way Britain has taken it to heart. There were 5000 presales for the 2008 Games -- this year: 2.3 million.

And I'll also be talking to Tracey Barnett about this:

Why does a columnist with an audience take to direct campaigning on a legislative issue? And how is she going about it?

You're very welcome to join us for the recording -- Villa Dalmacija ballroom, 10 New North Road, Auckland -- but please note there'll be an early start. Arrive at 5pm for a 5.30pm recording, because I need to be away early to front a certain lusty event at Auckland Museum.

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