Hard News by Russell Brown

Just before I go

Just time for a quick post before I fly out to San Francisco today: no to carry-on liquids, yes to iPod, laptop etc. Could be worse. I'm excited and, for reasons I won't go into, pretty frazzled too.

I'm fairly relaxed about the dangerous liquids business, having read this fascinating threat assessment from El Reg, recommended to me by reader John Quinn.

Paul from Haka, on the other hand, he's angry. Angry about the tackle on Richie McCaw on Saturday, and about the officials seeming so insensible to the Wallabies' creepy targeting of the All Black captain. He even has a clip of the dread deed. If you look closely you can see Larkham upending Leon Macdonald a second before Tuquiri's frightening effort on McCaw. It's like synchronised spear tackling.

On the same site, Tracey Nelson (even angrier!) has a rundown of the penalties conceded by both sides. It's a measure of the All Blacks' discipline that two of the four penalties they copped were just silly. Still: 3-0!

My new favourite archive hound Jonathan Ah Kit is delighted that someone has written an analysis of the Mental Defectives and Sexual Offenders report presented to Sir Mauri Pomare in 1925 and scanned and uploaded in 2006 by Jonathan. The report itself is simply astonishing: eugenics, Kiwi-style. Jonathan also scanned and posted the infamous Mazengarb Report, which I recently referred to in my Listener column. He's doing great work and I hope and trust that before too long there'll be some official policy to help him do it.

Staying with deviance: and oh good Lord, here's the video of those guys swiping the giant buds from the Weeds billboard.

Anyway, that'll do. Weather looks nice in Sebastopol. Catch you later in the week.